United States – Violence and False Flag Events

February 15, 2018

United States – Violence and False Flag Events

Padmini Arhant

United States citizens were introduced to major false flag event on September 11, 2001 that is being covered up until today in a manner burying the sand castle inside the silt by the sea shore. Following 9/11 there were series of false fag incidents in the United States and the rest of the world to justify war on terror by terror sponsors in the position of authority falling in the category of State sponsored terrorism.

Subsequently the monumental lie about the terror group leader who served as the intelligence agency valuable asset, the deceased Osama Bin Laden despite being dead in 2001 was resurrected and claimed to have been killed in Abbottabad mission in Pakistan in 2012.  Interestingly, the administration under ex-President Barack Obama then responsible for this event somehow could not produce any evidence such as the target’s body that was stated to have been conveniently disposed in the Arabian sea without considering the need to show the 9/11 terror victims families, the American public and the world at large. Additionally, the NAVY SEAL TEAM SIX  deployed in the capture and kill the dead Osama Bin Laden were also eliminated all at once in Afghanistan soon after the Abbottabad anecdote. So much for transparency.  

Adding insult to human intelligence, the recent statement particularly from the former President Barack Obama on Abbottabad operation that Pakistan was unaware of Osama Bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad, the city close to Pakistan’s military headquarter in Rawalpindi surely does not reflect well on Pakistan or that nation’s military as well as Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI.

Back in the United States, there were number of shooting incidents reported in the past decade with many of them only becoming the unsolved murder mysteries  whether the Sandy Hook Elementary School or the Boston Marathon bombing and San Bernadine marking the previous administration’s legacy.

Now the Miami High School shooting reporting in semblance with Sandy Hook Elementary School style leads to the following question.

In the latest story on Florida High School shooting, the freshman confirming a meeting at the school prior to the shooting occurrence draws attention.

The school had recently held a meeting to discuss what to do in such an attack, Ryan Gott, a 15-year-old freshman told CNN.

Did the school authorities have premonition about the incident prompting such meeting ahead of the incident?

Was the meeting held knowing such attack is imminent and accordingly alerted the school in advance yet doing nothing to prevent the crime from happening?

Usually schools have fire drill which is reported to have taken place in this school earlier in the day before any shooting rampage.

The audience are getting tired of propaganda based news items and insidious insinuations by those run out of steam and substance in the relentless pursuit of violent means to maintain status quo. The terror manufacturers and purveyors obviously are responsible for perpetual violence demonstrated in prolonged conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Africa inspiring and orchestrating episodes in the domestic front.

The pattern conclusively defines the source and agents modus operandi much to self-detriment. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Global Security – United States Defense Strategy

December 24, 2017

Global Security – United States Defense Strategy

Padmini Arhant

United States military leaderships alerting US troops on the near future possibility of Russia and the Pacific theater being the next major areas of conflict is extravagant, unaffordable and not pragmatic.

The rhetoric from United States military command is unwise and serve as an unnecessary provocation challenging major nuclear powers Russia and China under pretexts not conforming to credible evidence.

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming. You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”

Gen. Robert Neller, U.S. Marine Corps commandant.

Sgt. Maj. Ronald Green sounded a similar tone.

“At a Q&A session with the troops in the Norwegian Home Guard base near Trondheim, Neller said that the U.S. could shift its focus from the Middle East to Eastern Europe, citing Russia’s conflicts with Ukraine and Georgia as justification. He told the Marines that they should be prepared for a “big-ass fight” on the horizon.”

United States position in the world stage could be secure and respected provided the military leaderships, think tanks, every administration key officials and some members in Congress behind war strategy begin to acknowledge sovereignty of other nations, concern for all lives at stake over vested interests and importantly the devastation on the entire world upon such confrontation that would inevitably be nuclear.

The era of waging wars for profitability ignoring massive loss of lives and destruction is no longer viable and proved counterproductive time and time again.

The hard lessons from illegal invasion and occupation under false premise has been excruciating for U.S. taxpayers subject to enormous economic liability of warfare inviting adverse impact overall together with tarnishing United States image as an aggressor. Not to mention the scores of lives lost and millions forced into refugee status facilitating terror recruitment for networks preying on disenchanted and frustrated segments to unleash violence at the source of the problems.

In other words, United States determination to retain status quo backfires exacerbating preventable crisis.

United States and NATO operations beginning with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen followed by sponsoring terrorism against Syria since 2011, bifurcation of Sudan in 2012, militarization of Africa and Latin America in the past decade, destabilization of Ukraine in 2012, troops deployment in Eastern Europe through NATO allies extending up to Norway in June 2016, provocative military drills with nuclear threats in Korean Peninsula summarize U.S. exertion of military might and unnecessary intrusions endangering global peace and security.

United States demand on other nations to submit to U.S. failed and flawed policy is neither favorable to United States status nor conciliatory in maintaining peaceful coexistence, a natural and inalienable right of all nations and people in the world.

The argument from military top tiers and the newly unveiled national security strategy under President Donald J.Trump administration is basically prolonging stance up until now that was accelerated in the recent past with events highlighted above including the introduction of Pivot Asia by former President Barack H.Obama administration. The red flag claiming Russia and China are eroding America’s influence, interests and power eventually hurting America’s security and prosperity is a misguided perception without any credence.

The strange scenario projected to justify U.S. military buildup and base increase contradict reality.

China is one of the major creditors besides Japan and Saudi Arabia in floating the U.S.dollar and financing multi trillion dollar national deficit largely acquired from military interventions and terror sponsoring that has nothing to do with U.S. national security and instead fulfilling the core elements ideological and lofty agenda launched as Project for New American Century (PNAC) initially targeting U.S. citizens on September 11, 2001 and proceeded to other nations in the PNAC charter.

As for Russia presumed the enemy reviving Cold War sentiments post Soviet Union is yet another deviation from history and contemporary trend. There are no doubts that secret society comprising members from wherever sharing similar ambitions are in the league reflected in the unified resistance to UNSC dissolution, Nuclear disarmament and dismantling of international syndicate reining control over politics, economy, communication outlets and global affairs shunning transparency and accountability.

Nevertheless, the momentum seeking opportunity for warfare in Korean Peninsula or in the Baltic Sea is self destructive in the nuclear age. Any nation faced with persistent military threats and troops on their borders cannot be expected to remain complacent for peace is possible only in simmering tensions on all sides through reliable dialogue and diplomacy. The lack of will to pursue peaceful negotiations substituted with unlawful economic sanctions to anger the other side is paradoxical to blame game accusing the other party at fault while declining any responsibility for the situation.

The latest tax bill provision with $4 billion on missile systems aimed at installation and enhancement arguably arousing anxiety amongst those the strategy is intended with comments suggesting United States never ending desire to engage in warfare.

Having experimented perpetual wars and terrorism ruining lives, infrastructure and environment, United States renouncing violent hegemonic goals for universal peace and humanitarian endeavors would guarantee honor and credit besides winning humanity’s trust and confidence as honest broker and partner on global natter.

None can possibly sabotage or invalidate the salient characteristics and noble deeds of any carried out in good faith and sincere commitment to protect life and rights of all beings in a selfless and incorruptible mission.

Those who attempt in this regard have nothing but disappointment and embarrassment to savor along with a reminder to refrain from such indulgence in the short and long term.

In conclusion, United States defense strategy expending resources on peaceful overtures, constructive talks and diplomacy would produce positive outcome in diffusing conflicts nuclear or otherwise.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
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Spouse in Divine Mission

North Korea – Peace Talks

December 18, 2017

North Korea – Peace Talks

Padmini Arhant

Synopsis on the topic.

United States engagement in peace talks with North Korea is not dependent on auspicious time and day.

Unlike war with pre-emptive air strikes, missiles, provocative military drills not barring nuclear threats demand caution and restraints in words and action that are often unheeded to demonstrate misconceived strength,

Peace is unique in that respect. The peaceful communication and diplomacy conducted with  mutual respect and without preconditions have great prospects in defusing conflicts.

North Korea has indicated during the former leader Kim Jong Il’s premiership, the readiness for direct talks with the United States provided there are no hidden agenda proven elsewhere. Similarly, the present North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has expressed interest in conducive dialogue prior to verbal confrontation with the incumbent U.S. administration.

North Korea’s stated nuclear program confirmed by CIA and other intelligence sources meant for deterrence to United States position in Korean Peninsula involving unwanted and untimely naval and other military exercise clarify the cause and effect situation.

Accordingly, United States civilian leaderships’ initiative in extending an olive branch would not only desescalate tensions but also be a paradigm shift in U.S. foreign policy predominantly premised on military reaction and violent means to any crisis.

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson latest overture to deal with North Korea peacefully in the absence of terms and conditions is a rational approach that would allow both sides to focus on reversing the military and nuclear activities to fruitful negotiations keeping in mind the benefits to  people in North and South Korea, Japan and remaining population in the region. The same would apply in protecting massive U.S. troops deployment in Asia Pacific or farther away in Guam and Hawaii.

There is no other better alternative to peace in resolving long standing issues that are consistently challenged with military and nuclear options ignoring grave consequences with death and destruction following aggression on all sides.

Not to mention the irreversible outcome in loss of lives and prolonged despair to victims’ families witnessed in the aftermath of warfare and violent exchange.

President Donald Trump moving forward with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in pursuing peaceful settlement on North Korea would set precedence in renewing hope in constructive and result oriented management of international affairs.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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North Korea – Missile Launch

November 29, 2017


North Korea – Missile Launch

Padmini Arhant

North Korea’s latest missile launch demonstrating Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capability, however lacking in ability to deliver nuclear payload due to weight and velocity leads to classification as test mode rather than operational type.

The inconsistency in United States media reporting on description and details with major television broadcasters – the cable news network (CNN) sounding alarm on the supposedly imminent threat to entire U.S and the world at large is media sensationalism. Such sound bites set the stage for warfare witnessed in the past and recent air raids and bombing in Libya and Iraq earlier with media propaganda.

The news media, the television networks in particular exercising caution and diligence with proper verification of facts for accuracy on reporting any matter ranging from sensitive nuclear issue to regular news events would be credible. The media has a responsibility to maintain ethical standards in coverage and analysis. The failure to do so given the pattern on media drum roll for warfare ignoring dire consequences and massive casualties is irresponsible journalism. The media trend favoring military intervention is well known exposing media role in fomenting violence.

North Korea’s nuclear program is contentious and as stated on this website many times over, the situation is a cause and effect scenario with provocation via U.S. troops deployment in Korean Peninsula under the pretext of protecting allies South Korea and Japan combined with crippling economic sanctions prompting reaction from North Korea.

United States recognition of the problem in this regard followed with genuine commitment through dialogue and diplomacy is the preliminary step towards diffusing conflict with North Korea.

Simultaneously, North Korean leadership outreach to South Korean people and government for direct discourse setting aside political differences and military exchanges is critical since the development in North Korea and United States position through missile launches and military exercise respectively upon reaching adverse point would immediately affect those in the Peninsula beginning with citizens in South and North Korea as well as large U.S. troops contingency in the region.

Obviously, there is an urgent need to invest in renewing communication between North and South as the crisis is related to the fate of Korean citizens on both sides forced into decades long skirmish with foreign meddling and presence for economic and strategic dominance preventing any hope to evolve from prevalent armistice to permanent peace treaty in Korea.

North Korea seeking nuclear status in self-defense against U.S. air strikes and military action could be deterred in the latter withdrawal of military activities in Yellow Sea and large naval base at North Korea’s doorstep. The aggression verbatim and in naval drills thus far substituting civil engagement proved counterproductive. Unless the most powerful nuclear nation i.e. the United States refrains from actions threatening security and sovereignty of any foreign nation and in this instance North Korea, the crisis would not desist.

Nuclear threats not just between North Korea and United States but in fact amongst any other nuclear states like India and Pakistan or for that matter the anti-Russian sentiments in the United States political circle with think tanks as well as institutions and organizations designing U.S. foreign policy not ruling out nuclear confrontation observed in the Cuban missile crisis in the past century is a reality.

Similar warning against Iran in the Middle East by United States during Presidential race and administrations in power regardless of right or left in political representation are reasons for nuclear quest in deterrence and not defiance to nuclear challenge from United States and other nuclear powers.

The call for denuclearization of North Korea would be practical in accepting and implementing the same rule across the spectrum not just selective imposition against nations isolated for geopolitical and economic aspirations that in return exacerbate any prospects on nuclear disarmament.

The world is never safe with nuclear weapons in anyone’s possession that are categorized as responsible vs. reckless in nuclear proliferation. The nuclear arms and advanced technology deployed in short and long range missiles with nuclear warhead endanger life and planet survival.

The recent vote in the United Nations on nuclear disarmament clarified the will of the majority to rid the world of nuclear menace.

Please refer to  UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament


United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia voting against the proposal is a disillusionment revealing the nuclear powers misplaced priority neglecting life over nuclear stockpiles.

The acknowledgment of nuclear danger among nuclear and non-nuclear states serving as de facto to nuclear power translated into agreement to nuclear arsenal disposal by all on independent international oversight would exemplify sincerity and obligation to leave behind a nuclear free world for the present and future generation.

The contemporary conditions are not favorable amid higher nuclear ambitions amongst major nuclear powers allocating disproportionate spending on nuclear enhancement and modernizing nuclear techniques while demanding nations they are in discord with to disavow nuclear program. The extraordinary expectations only reverse the opportunity on nuclear free zone.

In any setting, the prominent nuclear states viz. United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India and Pakistan… along with the rest submitting to nuclear disarmament would legitimize concern on nuclear proliferation by others paving the way for positive outcome. In the absence of any desire to renounce nuclear status by nuclear powers rejecting the idea of non-nuclear world promotes anxiety and necessity among the targeted nations to be a nuclear force.

North Korea’s reservations on nuclear deal is premised on United States legacy against Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and nations invaded for economic interests. The paradigm shift in U.S. foreign policy to respect and honor nations barring threats and military intrusions instead inviting them to a meaningful discussion would be conducive in building trust moving forward. Any other option that discounts peaceful negotiations would be a cavalier approach with extreme ramifications. The egregious decisions resulting in irreversible loss of lives and regional chaos would be disastrous and unwise.

North Korean leadership Kim Jong Un and military advisers are urged to pursue diplomatic course with South Korea and Japan abandoning repetitive missile launch in Sea of Japan.  The time and resources expended in aggressive maneuvers should be directed at peaceful overtures that are guaranteed to be beneficial in winning global community support and ending foreign occupation.

Nuclear exchanges are not to be taken for granted as there is nothing to gain except debris and devastation highlighting abuse of power and violation of many lives at stake.

In conclusion, the nuclear powers unanimous consensus in relinquishing nuclear rights is the absolute and fair resolution on nuclear strategy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine mission


United States – Violence and Perceptions

November 7, 2017

United States – Violence and Perceptions

Padmini Arhant

How crimes committed through shooting and automobile used to ram over pedestrians are characterized in media reporting following cue from those in control of events in the world?

The horrific gun violence involving indiscriminate firing at people in the crowd whether during a concert in Las Vegas or attending prayers in a place of worship in Sutherland Springs, Texas are described as tragedy carried out by the assailant invariably suffering from mental problem. In both Las Vegas and Texas rampage there were at least twenty or more casualties and several injured from firepower. The Hollywood style Rambo aggression displayed in shooting spree on both occasions and similar crimes earlier is categorized as unfortunate happenings.

Juxtaposed, the killing of pedestrians using vehicle in the recent East Manhattan, New York incident by the offender identified a Muslim from Uzbekistan is termed terrorism. There were eight fatalities and some hurt in this incident.

The bizarre distinction on actions claiming innocent lives with one referred to as mental illness or some personal background issue related event while the other definitively pronounced terrorism especially when the attacker is a Muslim. The trend playing race and religion card regardless of political position left, right or center and so on in media outlets explains indifference to victims affected in gun violence besides the usual practice targeting religion i.e. Islam in this instance with negative connotation.

In the wake of East Manhattan killing, the media report declared the entire Uzbekistan, a Muslim country as a threat to the United States.

Interestingly, the press and communication media in Islamic nations whether in Pakistan or elsewhere – the English language press corps in particular never failing to respond to such references from non-Muslim neighbors in the region, now remaining oblivious to slander of Islam in media discrimination of violence in the United States is perhaps economic interest outweighing importance and respect for faith.

The discriminatory practice is a reflection of those having no value for life and lack of virtues exemplified in sacrilege of religion.

The crime committed using lethal weapons and any other means against unarmed citizens is terror and there cannot be bias distinguishing one from another.

Similarly, the murder of children, women and men described as collateral damages when exerting power and authority through artillery, predator drones and military force is terrorism in worst format.

The isolation of one comparatively with less wounded and fewer deaths as terrorism against massacre in violent gunfire episodes exhausting magazine acknowledged otherwise promotes mass killing without the stigma of terrorism.

Again, the violation of life and rights in whatever manner is a serious crime deserving condemnation and terrorism in contemporary era evolved from conventional warfare deploying arms and ammunition for maximum impact.

Since the culture is created to accept violence subjectively, society is expected to develop immunity to disparity.

Nonetheless, the victims plight in all these situations remain the same in dealing with pain and suffering inflicted upon them by those indulging in senseless act and abuse of power.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission



United States – Gun Violence

November 6, 2017

United States – Gun Violence

Padmini Arhant

The latest massacre at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas is yet another series of violence targeting unarmed citizens anywhere including peaceful sanctuary such as the place of worship.

Anytime the deadly act occurs, the assailant taking own life appears to be the norm leaving the victims’ family and community bereft and vulnerable.

The cause is often noted as mental health problem whether Las Vegas shooting or ramming over pedestrians using vehicle in East Manhattan, New York and now Texas rampage.

The gun laws review and revision being regarded politically unfavorable, the citizens safety obviously not a priority for some members in Congress and organization such as National Rifles Association, the powerful NRA lobby weighing down on powerless citizenry nationwide.

Is it possible for NRA and gun owners in the United States to object to laws denying firearms license to those diagnosed with mental illness or personal background confirming suicidal motives at innocent lives expense?

The incidents happening at frequent intervals is a news item soon dissipating without any end to senseless conduct. The individuals with mental issues in possession of lethal weapons is not only self-endangering, the status prove to be an existential threat to society. That being the case,

What is holding the state and federal authorities from introducing law to remove arms cache as reported in Las Vegas shooter’s profile detailing explosives and ammunitions held in massive quantity?

Where is the intelligence agency operation including NSA vigilance in detecting such unusual activity among certain individuals involved in mass murder?

There is a pattern now in the United States with citizens aimed randomly either in a crowd or in isolation. Regardless, these events raise concerns on domestic security with people expected to tolerate the loss of their loved ones as nothing more than unfortunate fact of life.

The public protection is state and federal responsibility. The violent means either with guns or automobile witnessed in mass murder in broad daylight suggest neglect of duty among those responsible to safeguard community. The absence of stringent measures in restricting purchase or acquisition of rifles and military grade artillery further exacerbate situation where people are forced to live in fear inhibiting free movement and normal existence.

Not only the background check on gun owners with regular updates on the system monitored by state and federal agency is necessary, the medical data on patients owning firearms identified with mental and emotional problems like depression would limit opportunity for those pursuing extreme course to take others’ lives that are carried out with planning and preparation.

Similarly, the medical history of mentally unstable individuals applying for drivers’ license and permits to drive heavy duty vehicle could be checked prior to approval. The medical information of patients suffering from mental conditions made available on the database for verification by gun vendors and department of motor vehicles (DMV) could save lives moving forward.

Simultaneously, adequate funding to address mental health is equally important to help citizens from committing crimes in society.

I convey my condolence to grieving families in Texas shooting and others in earlier episodes of violence.

May effective solutions through legislations and community coordination end tragedies inflicted on fellow citizens in the United States.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission

UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

October 29, 2017

UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

Padmini Arhant

The latest UN vote on nuclear disarmament gaining traction with 112 votes in favor, 44 votes against and 15 abstinences is the beginning to free the world from deadly and devastating nuclear carnage.

The resolution draft from Iran is the Islamic Republic affirmation to nuclear non-proliferation. However, the non-binding measure is perhaps to test reaction. The proposal acknowledgment in theory but not in practice is a persistent problem for global community.

The world faced with existential threat predominantly from major nuclear powers reluctance to nuclear non-proliferation on their part while setting terms and conditions on nations they challenge with military attacks including the favorite line – all options are on the table alluding to potential nuclear option exacerbate global security.

The safe disposal of nuclear arsenal by all nuclear powers without exception regardless of presumption as responsible vs. reckless together with abandoning nuclear testing to enhance nuclear capability and deployment of nuclear weapons in allies’ domain qualifying as de facto possession is the only way to eliminate nuclear danger.

Not surprisingly, the nay sayers to the resolution – United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia among others decline world peace and safety.

These active nuclear proliferators in violation of non-proliferation treaty ratified in recent times to effect indefinitely contribute to nuclear arms race in acting against international consensus.

Those who call for nuclear disarmament of any other nation would be credible in setting an example starting with them first and then lead the rest in that course. Otherwise the true colors come to light on motives along with legacy in illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land not barring the use of nuclear weapon.

The nations targeted for subjugation in any region are forced into nuclear response preparedness that is known as deterrent strategy. The aggressor such as United States and other permanent members defiance in renouncing nuclear status amid belligerence from them is essentially promoting nuclear armament.

The nations on radar are expected to quit nuclear aspirations. Ironically, those with such demand holding nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny and remain non-compliant in freezing nuclear activities. The stalemate in the absence of constructive approach via dialogue and diplomacy impose undesirable nuclear requirement.

The prominent nuclear powers viz. United States, Russia, Britain, China, France and Israel with established track record on colonization and territorial annexations pursue nuclear empowerment. Simultaneously, they expect those whom they aim at to disarm and oblige. In other words, they expect nations dealing with military incursions on the border to submit to suicidal mission.

Every nation has the right to self-defense and cannot possibly ignore the persistent security issues with provocative military drills and massive troops deployment near their territory.  The ongoing tension between North Korea and United States is precisely the cause and effect situation prompting North Korea to rely on nuclear defense. North Korea has cited the facts on U.S. and allies raid and decimation of Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Yemen for imperial goals that continues unabated until now.

North Korea slammed with economic sanctions for nuclear plans often criticized as the nation driving citizens to starvation and premature deaths without accepting the contributing factors – sanctions and sources behind protracted confrontation. North Korea’s predicament is whether to capitulate to United States military provocation or stay resilient.

Though nuclear threats are not to be exchanged frivolously, the environment unnecessarily create saber rattling on both sides instead of serious engagement to find common ground in defusing crisis. United States and South Korea ceasing military operation alongside North Korea enacting moratorium on nuclear program would provide opportunity for peace talks through direct involvement rather than proxies and demonstrate commitment to protect lives on all sides that are at stake.

United States and other nuclear states resistance to UN resolution on denuclearization of the world is disillusionment revealing the real forces endangering lives and habitat with no concern for any generation.

Furthermore, the safekeeping of nuclear weapon, maintenance and upgrade of nuclear technology to operate nuclear facility is a phenomenal cost to taxpayers of every nuclear nation that could be allocated in improving living standards like health care, housing, education, retirement plans and infrastructure.

The population suffering from poverty, disease and lack of support in basic survival needs are dying in great numbers with nuclear states investment in nuclear development prioritized over life existence.

Besides, the risks in transportation of nuclear missiles are serious and nuclear accidents like Chernobyl and earthquake triggered Fukushima proved catastrophic. The nuclear ambitions among nuclear states on the high confirmed in the UN negative vote, the policy is alarming leaving the world on the edge for geopolitical dominance.

No climate treaty is meaningful in the nuclear world mistakenly assuming nuclear strength as formidable security asset despite the liabilities of nuclear reckoning.

The leaderships and members behind such decisions fail to recognize reality that they may not want the nation they represent as leaders to relinquish nuclear status,

Nonetheless individually, they do have to part with it like everything else when they depart from the world. 

Most importantly, they need to contemplate on the world they leave behind for future is determined by choices made in the present time.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Fact Check

October 16, 2017

Fact Check

Padmini Arhant

1. Why is war fascinating to factions terrified of losing own life?

2. What makes major nuclear powers think they are responsible despite their track record?

3. Will there ever be accountability on actions and violations by those in position of power both past and present as wells as incognito authority granted immunity on crimes against humanity?

4. Who is anyone to declare war for profitability ignoring massive casualty and major catastrophe?

5. Is the world going to be silent spectators to warfare and potential nuclear confrontation considered a favorite option among those having no desire for peaceful negotiations and dialogue?

6. What are the citizens in the United States prepared to do in the event of yet another deceitful and deceptive Iraq war like mission against North Korea?

7. Why are sanctions against nations protecting own citizens from U.S. and allies threat is the norm?

8. Why not impose sanctions on those in gross human rights violation and oppress citizens in the region viz. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?

9. What makes the fearful engage in fear mongering using propaganda and fake news?

10. When will the communication media and entertainment industry be free from hegemony control?

Padmini Arhant

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United States – Violence and U.S. Policy

October 4, 2017

United States – Violence and U.S. Policy

Padmini Arhant

United States immunity to violence emanates from U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

U.S. weakness and vulnerability to complicity pledging allegiance to the so-called allies Israel and Saudi Arabia political aspirations is well established since the horrific terror attack on September 11, 2001.  The calibrated and coordinated terror assault and thereafter the avalanche of military interventions evolving into sponsoring terrorism until today is the most violent legacy in the new millennium.

When State actors at the national level choose to ignore terror warnings allowing citizens to die on that fateful day, they are directly responsible for mass killings in daylight on their watch.

Similarly, eliminating the NAVY SEALS deployed in pseudo operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan claiming to have assassinated the deceased Osama Bin Laden in 2011 wiping out key witnesses further clarified monumental duplicity.

Above all, protecting those involved in treason against own citizens and country providing them impunity confirms democracy under siege.

The 9/11 attack became the premise granting heads of the administration – the Presidents of the United States transcending political parties the license to kill citizens at home including men and women in uniforms and innocent civilians abroad under the guise of national security they neglected in collusion with forces endangering peace and security in the United States and worldwide.

In order to maintain status quo laden with lies and deception, the White House since 2001 terror attack in succession have violated public trust and ethics in epic proportion.

Regardless of political representation as Republican and Democrat, the White House extra judicial executions against constitutional law authorizing predator drones chasing children, women and men from their humble dwellings in developing nations and war-torn countries in a manner considered a sport for executive office bearers, air strikes with nuclear components post 9/11 more so in the past decade speaks volume of the character of those at the helm.  Ironically, even the Nobel peace prize could not deter such actions during their term in office.

September 11, 2001 set precedence to abuse power misleading the nation at every opportunity using fear and false propaganda for policies serving specific agenda against United States interests.

Unites States republic status is a myth and aptly demonstrated in decisions concerning domestic and international affairs. When government fails people in the deliberate mishandling conforming to secrecy and loyalty to unscrupulous ambitions costing citizens lives and national integrity, the trend is up for adoption attracting fragments within society.

The incumbent President Donald Trump’s rhetoric against North Korea that United States would respond with fire and fury is anything but responsible and helpful. Such statements from the Presidency ignites sparks and lights unwanted elements in the country seeking motivation in the suicide mission.

The repeat episodes of shooting incidents and false flag tactics with patsies attributed to government and congress misplaced priority, media overtones promoting wars and unsubstantiated assertions leading to deceit, tensions and potential nuclear confrontation.

United States foreign incursions ratcheted using 9/11 and subsequently conferring statehood to terrorism in 2012 onwards facilitating ISIL, ISIS, IS emergence not barring the effort to permit Taliban in Afghanistan to launch exile government under Taliban flag declared The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in Qatar’s capital Doha in 2013 under U.S. guidance exemplify combative positions in defiance of peace and diplomacy not to mention the lack of respect for foreign nation’s sovereignty.

Citizens unable to cope with challenges in life apparently take cue from sources they are in contact with such as television at home, government leaderships and representatives constantly visible in every medium available in their life.  The government and congress role is the touchstone for many citizens unable to exercise discernment concerning them and the world around them.

Although shooting rampage escalated in the past decade adapting to instance like public execution of unarmed civilian Miriam Carey at the White House door step in 2013 by then President Barack Obama’s security personnel performing as the firing squad, the selective condemnation of gun violence rejects the salient fact that all lives matter. The lives lost in senseless firing in isolated situation, a crowded place, college campus or imposed terrorism on 9/11 deserves equal recognition and acknowledgment of criminal activity subject to legal consequence.

The reckless policies, approvals and carte blanche executive decisions as well as reactions on sensitive issues influence minds and certain citizens’ behavior in society. The authorities’ peaceful pursuits and disposition in resolving domestic and international crises would be a paradigm shift in the country under external dominance and control.

What that means is rising to the occasion in welcoming rational thoughts and ideas from Senior Cabinet member, the present Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on North Korea and Venezuela for direct communication and removal of sanctions respectively.  Simultaneously, having allies viz. Israel to return billion dollars aid to United States and Saudi Arabia and UAE to contain regional disputes with neighbor Qatar.

Meanwhile, ending conflicts in Syria, withdrawal from Afghanistan, Palestinian statehood terminating Israel’s occupation of the embattled territory are necessary for global peace besides rebuilding United States as reliable partner in settling international disputes and disagreements.

Any opposition in this regard would determine United States policy favoring wanton aggressions and egregious resolve proved catastrophic in recent memory. United States policy aimed at peaceful negotiations and dialogue rather than violent strategies would be productive and critical.

As for gun laws, the banning of assault weapons in public domains with rigorous background checks and regular updates is the preliminary measure required to curb massacre and homicide in addition to media and press fair and balanced reporting refraining from unlawful insinuations is an obligation.

Thank you,

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission




Is Fascism Ruling the World?

August 3, 2017

Is Fascism Ruling the World?

By Padmini Arhant

The ongoing activities imposing unlawful sanctions, territorial annexations claimed as entitlement, coup d’etat against governments rejecting secret society members representation to reform political system into meaningful democracy.

The so-called Democratic administration policy on mandatory health insurance on individuals with penalty favoring health industry vehemently defended against economic prudence and democratic principles for symbolic rather than substantive purpose. 

The controlled media and press engagement in massive subversion, false propaganda, disruption in governance wasting taxpayers funds on unsubstantiated Russian meddling in 2016 election...to name a few clarify anti-democratic, anti-sovereignty, anti-peace and anti-humanity forces eager to expedite self-destruction.

The democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was a failed candidate who lost the election in 2008.

How come no Russian involvement detected at that time?

Is it because such allegation was not convenient as the incognito power had their preferred candidate to create ISIL anc ISIS in Syria and Iraq, demolish Libya,Yemen and Afghanistan, divide Sudan into North and South inflicting unmitigated chaos, destabilizing Ukraine exacerbating Eastern bloc in Europe, offer 35 million compulsory subscribers to health industry and expand warfare in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America?

Who gave authority to impose arbitrary sanctions against nations and individuals while never being held accountable for various corrupt and criminal dealings,massacre, genocide, refugee crisis and abuse of power?

The unbridled execution of decisions without any legitimate reason in an effort to maintain status quo confirms the world run by the unruly and authoritarian dogma having no respect for others rights or sovereign status.

Such provocations are unnecessary and by no means to be underestimated in response and inevitable blowback that are best averted modifying saber rattling to sober reconciliation.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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