About Us

My name is Padmini Arhant.

I am the President and CEO of the investment firm Triamf Inc. My past experience has been with the Multi-national organizations predominantly international financial institutions and High Tech industry in the United States, Australia and India.

My secret desire was to be a writer. I fulfilled my ambition by entering a
Poetry contest and gained recognition for my creativity. Then recently my involvement in the current “Presidential race”, Campaign 2008 as the vigorous blogger for Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy promoted my passion to pursue the “author and activist” profession.

I see myself as an independent thinker with enormous enthusiasm to serve humanity on many fronts. The results will be reflected in my forthcoming literary work titled “Words Matter”, “The Mind of a Blogger”.

I am a concerned citizen and have long remained silent on many issues affecting not only my personal life but also the lives of the people in “The United States” as well as around the globe.

I want to bring important issues such as economy, energy, education, health, environment, and entertainment to the forefront and analyze the corporate role, government policy and the politics behind these great many issues that determine and dominate our present and future life.

I cannot move forward without any emphasis on “election”. The electoral process is the only path to freedom from economic, social and political struggles for all fortunate citizens in a democratic society.

www.padminiarhant.com aims to project the political dynamics and provide a platform for social awareness on issues that largely impact ordinary citizens at national and international level.