Indian Sub-Continent – Independence Day Celebration 2014

August 16, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

Independence day celebrations in Pakistan on August 14 and India on August 15 provides opportunity to reflect on the journey traveled since patriots’ martyrdom.

National governance representative of mainstream population viz. the middle class, lower income, poorest of the poor, marginalized, ostracized and disenfranchised in society would constitute republic status rather than the rich, famous and powerful class prevalent dominance.

The system represented by political parties with power sharing among family members conforming to dynasty rule and other factions headed by celebrities from the entertainment and economic sectors for decades denying genuine people voice is far from being democratic besides contributing to the widening gap between the haves and have-nots in the country.

Notwithstanding the domestic and foreign interests groups control further exacerbates suffering and undermine sovereignty.

India and Pakistan citizens are deprived of fairness and equality in the ever increasing foreign influence and intrusion in politics, military and economic decisions promoting subjugation and polarization to benefit hegemony.

Both nations are also confronted with economic woes, security concerns related to preventable cross border tensions, terrorism and widespread violence prohibiting peaceful co-existence.

Another important factor arguably remaining major hindrance in rapid growth and development is corruption, tax evasion and wealth amassment.

The deposits in overseas bank accounts, tax havens and shelter cost taxpayers trillions of dollars that could otherwise eliminate abject poverty, curable disease and illiteracy in addition to building and improving infrastructure.

In the absence of transparency and accountability due to complicity amongst political establishment, the epidemic of corruption depleting national treasury facilitates black money circulation and money laundering through diverse means especially during election ironically declared as free and fair process.

Furthermore, those involved in corruption deals and scandals continue to make fortune at the vast majority expense. The entities are protected with immunity legitimizing their activities despite significant loss to the economy.

Utilizing political position as Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Member of Parliament (MP) in the lower or upper house and higher up in the hierarchy they are exempt from judicial probe and appropriate applications of the law that apparently exists only for average citizens nationwide.

Politics intolerance to alternative perspectives and constructive dialogue confirms insecurity not to mention the measures to curb authentic dynamism demonstrates subversion of democracy.

The lack of political will to serve the nation and electorate granting power evident in the stagnant or deteriorating conditions experienced by people across the spectrum.

The economic trend within affluent category restricts the possibility for pervasive progress.

National advancement leaving behind none would guarantee sustainable prosperity.

The contemporary setting premised on exploitation and segregation jeopardizes economic potential considering the impact on collective output.

India and Pakistan relationship as allies instead of adversaries is essential for economic trade, cultural exchange and importantly addressing terror infiltration or militancy in Kashmir and other parts of the country.

Regional friction unnecessarily creates problems with divestments in defense budget alongside declining basic necessities like clean water, air, health care, education, housing, agriculture and employment.

Remembering freedom fighters would be meaningful upon fulfilling the dreams they envisioned for the nation. Such accomplishments would honor their sacrifice.

Best Wishes to citizens in India and Pakistan in reaching milestones with ordinary people empowerment leading to a promising future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Topic Discussion – Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria

July 27, 2014

From: Padmini Arhant

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You are invited to topic discussion on Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and more scheduled in approximately 60 mins to your local time.

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Padmini Arhant

Palestine – Israel Aggression Against Gaza

July 23, 2014

From:  Padmini Arhant

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Padmini Arhant


By Padmini Arhant

Palestine – Israel Aggression Against Gaza

Israeli authorities ongoing aggression having claimed at least 600 and more lives and still counting is deeply regrettable and deserves denouncement.

Israel pursuing violence to exert authority over Palestinians in the occupied territory has no limits and the oppression since the establishment of Israel in 1948 continues until now.

Whenever Israel is at odds with political development in Palestine, Israel’s leadership immediate response from is military attacks and intensified ground raids not even sparing the place of worship – al Aqsa mosque in al Quds, East Jerusalem.

Similarly Israel’s unilateral blockade on Gaza from 2007 has crippled Gaza’s economy with life made impossible for the citizens in the beleaguered enclave.

The sanctions are not confined to trade activities alone but also extended towards livelihoods with restrictions on fishermen in coastal Gaza.

Gaza fishermen inadvertent crossing beyond demarcated territorial waters dealt with extreme measures ranging from apprehension, prolonged detention to random shooting in the speedboat chase threatening the fishing community in Gaza.

Israel’s routine airstrikes followed by persistent ground incursion is reprehensible.

Again the belligerence with impunity on international watch and Arab league silence imply complicity and endorsement of crimes against defenseless and voiceless people in Gaza and the rest of Palestine.

Israel and allies justifying military option and tactics as self-defense is baseless and confirms utter disregard for Palestinian lives and human rights in the occupied state.

In the absence of collective responsibility to condemn Israeli authorities provocation and use of force the innocent civilians pay the price,

Israeli government issuing construction permits extending settlement activities in West Bank, al-Quds and now the military assault on Gaza clarifies the political paradox in the proclamation of Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East.

The fact of the matter is the architects behind the policy against Palestinians promote subjugation through occupation and suppression of political freedom for regional dominance and influence via proxy representation in most parts of the world under the guise of democracy.

Israeli government with allies – United States and Britain defending the indefensible offense in Gaza speaks volume on the kind of democracy prevalent in respective domains and arguably raise questions on the legitimacy of the power enforcing gross human rights violation.

Ever since the formation of unity government in Ramallah emerging from bilateral consensus between Hamas and Fatah leaderships,

Israel along with United States having vehemently opposed the unification is currently engaged in turning Gaza into the playground to test defense stockpiles and innovative technology in Israel’s possession.

Showing no remorse for the killings of children, women and youths in Gaza, the leaderships in Israel, United States, Britain and alike in favor of present violence demonstrates political characteristics in contradiction to assertion as democracy worthy of emulation.

Unwillingness to accept political progress in Palestine is the sign of insecurity and frustration over declining supremacy.

The nuclear state Israel’s defiance to international call to cease Palestinian oppression only isolates the former and,

Global perspective on this issue evidently identifies the occupier as the problem.

Israeli authorities persecution of Palestinians – Gaza in particular targeted at every opportunity is self-detrimental and indicative of the beginning of the end of sponsors with unmitigated disaster arising from reckless policy.

United States veto at the U.N. Security Council on Palestinian issue is predominantly responsible for status quo.

Had United States adopted fairness and objectivity reflecting democratic values and respect for all lives rather than selective protection on humanitarian and political affairs during UNSC resolutions,

The Palestinian and global crises could be contained and resolved in humanity’s interest.

Instead the failed strategy is the preference, expecting to prevail in the misguided agenda.

Israel and allies credibility is directly linked with recognition of Palestinians as members of human race and acknowledgment of Palestinian rights to exist in a free society.

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) coming forward with every member state exercising sovereign right on unanimous approval to the establishment of Independent Palestine is the urgent requirement on Israeli Palestinian dispute settlement. 

The formal and official status to Palestinian statehood encompassing contentious and relevant matter is the key solution to Palestinian political struggle.

Israel renouncing violence for peaceful co-existence would guarantee stability and security to all in the otherwise volatile region.

Those instigating unrest and turmoil anywhere could not be democratic and the lack of tolerance to unity endangers global peace with inevitable adverse impact for the origin.

Israel’s ceasefire against Gaza and honoring Palestinian liberty with unconditional release of all detainees in detention centers, freezing settlers expansion in West Bank and demolition of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, withdrawal of Israeli forces from the occupied territory is paramount for positive outcome in the peace initiative on Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

Israel’s military might exacerbates Palestinian plight notwithstanding the egregious decisions affecting the source having exhausted the victims and global citizens patience on abuse of power and privilege.

Finally, Israeli authorities concern for own safety amid violent pursuits against residents in Gaza and remaining Palestine is entirely dependent on renunciation of obsolete dogma in appreciation for Palestinian and others freedom.

I offer my sincere condolences to bereaved families with prayers for those wounded in the unnecessary and unwanted warfare in Gaza.

May God bless the people seeking relief from suffering and expedite the new beginning marking the conclusion of terror causing turbulence.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




World – Political Status Quo.

July 4, 2014

By; Padmini Arhant

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Peace to all!

Padmini Arhant


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Iraq – Takfiri Militancy and Escalation of Violence

June 29, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

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Afghanistan – The Status quo and Run-off Presidential Election 2014

June 23, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

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Presentation – ISIL in Iraq

June 18, 2014

From:  Padmini Arhant

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Presentation – ISIL in Iraq

June 17, 2014

From:  Padmini Arhant

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Padmini Arhant

Lebanon – Power Vacuum Threatens National Sovereignty And Stability

June 16, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

The Lebanese Parliament failure to elect President is a serious negligence of constitutional and legislative duty directly affecting governance and national security.

Lebanon constantly experiencing terror attacks and suicide bombings from Saudi Arabia backed Takfiri groups besides Israel’s reconnaissance including air strikes on key targets undermine sovereignty and stability.

Saudi Arabia, Israel and United States influence on political factions especially the March 14 alliance impede the latter responsibility towards constituents and national electorate.

The current stalling of parliamentary process in electing the President to lead the national defense force as well as presiding over government affairs endanger democratic system.

The choice for Presidential nominee premised on external sources preferences impact genuine representation required in a real democracy.

The continuous foreign interference through domestic political parties and other presence in disguise are reasons behind power vacuum and disruption in Lebanon’s governing body.

Lebanon political leaderships transcending partisanship and reservations could ease tensions and facilitate smooth operations necessary to address various issues confronting the nation at large.

The focus on stable government under strong and credible leadership barring intrusions from within and outside aimed at dysfunctional activities and discord for vested interests would reflect commitment to people and the country they are elected to serve regardless of ideology. 

The Lebanese constitutional requirement based on religious allocations on political appointments such as Maronite Christian for Presidency, Shiite Muslim as Parliament Speaker and Sunni Muslim to Prime Minister position could be reviewed for amendment changing the criteria to accommodate individual ability, performance and integrity rather than faith oriented protocol.

Most importantly every Parliament member demonstrating courage to protect sovereign right evidently violated by regional and foreign powers would confirm independence.

The persisting political stalemate in Lebanon is favorable to elements against national unity and diversity not to mention the status quo increasing vulnerability and uncertainty with implications on economy and social structure.

When politics ignores national priorities for respective doctrine and foreign instigated strategies the consequences are pervasive and compound problems in different dimension.

Lebanon political pledge to defend national borders and providing citizens safety is largely dependent on consolidated efforts with army and civilian authorities constructive role in preventing terror and foreign infiltration.

The March 8 coalition i.e. Hezbollah resistance to security breach in Lebanon and neighboring states alongside national defense forces thus far instrumental in safeguarding boundaries that otherwise compromised in covert deployment of agents and operatives to promote internal disturbance.

Lebanon past political turbulence has not been without economic ramifications affecting tourism and major sectors subsequently depriving ordinary citizens livelihoods in the competitive global economy.

Additionally, the Syrian conflict resulting in refugee influx into Lebanon and adjacent states increase economic burden and humanitarian crises in the region.

Lebanon future is at stake in the ongoing political gridlock on the Presidential candidate approval.

The parliamentary obligations in this regard could no longer be differed considering prevalent repercussions due to vacancy in the office of Presidency.

Hopefully political consensus would be arrived ending void with expeditious election of the commander-in-chief of Lebanon.

Good Luck! To Lebanon citizens across the spectrum for peaceful resolution moving forward towards national election in a timely manner.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant












Syria – Presidential Election 2014

June 8, 2014

By Padmini Arhant 

Congratulations! To Syrian electorate, President Bashar al-Assad, Syrian defense force and national assembly on the successful democratic election with impressive political mandate.

Syrian citizens resolve demonstrated in the self-determination rights and ability to move ahead despite foreign powers sponsored three years old conflict involving terror networks deployment that has claimed over 160,000 lives and left millions as refugees in the country and across the border.

Syria confronted with international warfare continues to endure violence with foreign backed mercenaries committing atrocities and some were engaged in cannibalism, dismembering deceased body, decapitation, summary executions and chemical attacks against innocent victims nationwide.

The infrastructure damage including desecration of holy sites, cultural centers, educational and health care facilities, disrupting electricity supply and stealing oil resources for export to Turkey and elsewhere are routine activities at external and regional sources behest that cost more than US$ 100 billion to Syrian economy.

Not to mention the constant strikes with explosives and artillery targeting public premise for maximum destruction is yet another strategy for sponsors unrelenting to ceasefire.

Geneva I accord in June 2012 and Geneva II meeting in early 2014 was a failure due to Unites States and allies persistence to prolong terrorism in Syria ignoring consequences such as rising death toll and humanitarian crises in the war torn nation.

The international consensus on ending terror operations and diverse violence in Syria arguably rejects foreign agenda and accordingly the nations involved in proxy war against Syrian people are isolated as a result.

Syrian Presidential election has declared the sovereign authority on political decisions and declined outside interference in Syria’s internal affairs especially with the introduction of groups representing hegemony for destabilization like in Ukraine and Thailand.

United States and coalition imposed economic sanctions and brutal terrorism is responsible for bloodshed and devastation since attacks in March 2011 and up until now. 

Syrian voters and diaspora expressed their unequivocal support to incumbent administration headed by President Bashar al-Assad and most importantly the Syrian defense force for their tireless engagement in protecting territorial integrity and releasing hostages from terror stronghold neighborhoods in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Idlib and across the country.

The current election validates the political solution in electing the leadership and government pledged to safeguard national and republic interest.

Although the government is faced with combating foreign funded and equipped terrorism, the solidarity in Syrian society evidently serves as the model in opposition to subjugation and dominance.

The challenges and excruciating experience aside, the national spirit and commitment towards nation building fundamentally motivates Syrians to strive for positive development.

Syria having survived the worst humanitarian crimes in the full frontal war could no longer be undermined as the turmoil only solidified the nation against unlawful assaults and inhumane practice.

Syria would remain the beacon of hope in the region.

The Presidential victory is testimony to the electorate trust and faith in the system as well as governance that provides for all transcending communal and sectarian trait often proved as hindrance in pervasive progress. 

Best Wishes to Syrian citizens, President Bashar al-Assad along with members across political spectrum and Syrian national army in achievements for a promising future.

Peace to Syria! 

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

























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