Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!

Padmini Arhant

On the occasion of Christmas and similar celebrations in different parts of the world, our personal greetings and best wishes to all around the world.

With blessings from God, the almighty, benefactor and protector of lives and the universe,

May the season and the coming year bring peace, progress and prosperity replacing conflicts and crisis in the world.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Peace to all!

Padmini Arhant


The Controversial Indian Film Industry

November 21, 2017

The Controversial Indian Film Industry

Padmini Arhant

Indian Cinema on the brink of collapse never spare any opportunity in profiteering on ventures jointly funded by local and foreign investments in film making deploying tactics that are far from genuine representation in creativity and originality expected in the arts and entertainment field.

The film makers beginning with production house financing the project to director and actors are geared towards profitability, fame and fortune besides complicity in distortion of history and events inducing controversy in the name of free speech.

The series of films that have been released recently in the past decade by Indian film industry is targeted and isolated subjecting the lead characters in the theme to mockery and ridicule. The trend is unprecedented for there has not been such attempts against high profile personalities in Indian domain.

The sudden urge and frenzy to exercise free speech by movie makers and the so-called artistes who are evidently the narcissists usually at loss of words against corrupt regimes in power continually bankrupting economy and depriving the poor, the weak, vulnerable and the voiceless in society is collusion undermining others individual rights and historic facts.

The other factor being the financial prospects and wanton publicity for the actor serving as incentives interpreted otherwise to maintain status quo.

Interestingly, the perception that actors are performers expected to fit into a role in a story line regardless of the content aimed at vilification of specific person and oblige director’s instructions, the same is not applied to the present event in the pre-ordained cosmic activity and commandment from no ordinary film director but the Supreme entity that cannot be retracted simply to satisfy the whims and fancies of those bent on wreaking havoc world over at will.

Unlike the actors having choices to distance themselves from contemporary practice i.e. provocative and confrontational projections using cinema as the medium to incite emotions and violence,

The prevalent challenges to contain forces responsible for humanity suffering and existential danger to planet survival with nuclear threats are not some fantasy or concocted cinematic formula that could be retreated at film industry’s harassment.

Arguably, Indian cinema and crew behind the spin arousing feelings and diverse attacks from all directions care less about humanitarian woes and more drawn towards personal gains and benefits. There are no inhibitions in the film industry used as arsenal for propaganda and incendiary characterization of legends or anyone considered a fair game depicting them with unjustified contempt and prejudice.

The political alliance on these occasions clarify opportunism and expediency.

The West Bengal government headed by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is yet to accept responsibility for gross negligence and dereliction of duty in the series of disasters related to numerous incidents whether that be high infant mortality in government hospital failing to prevent 35 children deaths in one sweep or the consecutive Kolkata fire accidents in a hospital consuming 90 people at a time due to lack of government preparedness and emergency rescue operation are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Furthermore, Kolkata is stigmatized for having become the terror haven providing refuge to terror enabling Indian Mujahideen (IM) operatives and cross border activity from Bangladesh. These issues related to West Bengal and national security together with alleviating poverty, disease and deepening social inequality having been the signature feature of West Bengal and India’s coveted film director Satyajit Ray earning glory and acknowledgment in the western entertainment industry especially among the colonial remnants reminiscing the imperial era could be the incumbent Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s priority.

Instead, the Bengal Chief Minister advocacy on free speech to impress upon foreign sources fueling misrepresentation and subversion of Indian history through Indian cinema under the guise of freedom of expression unnecessarily provoke reaction. Notwithstanding the overture from those in Indian film industry and politics slighting sentiments and ignoring constitutional rights of community voicing concerns over the deliberate and intentional false portrayal of the main character claimed as adaptation of legendary figures from Indian history is inflammatory.

The current political stance on these issues contrast opinions and approach by those involved in India’s freedom struggles who exemplified patriotism and intellect in defiance to assault on Indian ethos and legacy.

Again, certain Indian film makers seem to be oriented in appeasing elements both domestic and offshore stirring communal divide rather than expending resources and talent in exhibiting India’s rich cultural heritage that was safeguarded with sacrifice and valor by women defending their honor and pride unlike the tradition witnessed in the present time.

Finally, in order to resolve any conflict or dispute, understanding the basics and origin of the problem is important. The production company Viacom 18 behind the contentious movie attracting fury and favor is a 50/50 joint venture operation between privately owned company India’s Network 18 based in Mumbai and American media company Viacom experiencing decline with imminent demise of Viacom Chairman, the ailing 93 years old Sumner Murray Redstone, the multi-billionaire who is the controlling shareholder of media conglomerate Viacom and of CBS Corp., perhaps choose to remain oblivious to consequences of profit driven strategy exploiting culture and cultural integrity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission



Bollywood Trash

October 8, 2017

Bollywood Scoop  


Tumhari Viba

The name is Viba. Vi derived from the first name meaning education in Indian language. Ba from the surname meaning little boy in Malayalam. Viba is from Kerala. Viba’s passion and specialty is promiscuity. Accordingly, Viba’s on and off screen occupation is escort service. Viba’s schedule extends into moonlight with anyone.

In the Indian film industry, Viba’s clientele begins from clapper boy to film director, producer and distributor. External circle involves politics, mafia and media.

You can see Viba in racy films in Bollywood and regional Indian film industry depicting her real character and identity. Viba is the favorite choice for performing loose characters being the natural trait.

Viba is one of Bollywood trashes leading cheap hall of fame.


United States – July 4th Celebration

July 3, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

United States celebrating independence anniversary on July 4th would be meaningful upon liberty and justice experienced by all transcending race, religion, economic and ethnic background.

Unfortunately, the social racial divide and economic disparity deprives many citizens from claiming equal rights witnessed in judicial outcome and deteriorating living standards among Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, and immigrant population.

The increasing wealth and monopoly on fame, fortune and power characterized as elitism subjugate the rest with little or no concern for actions and decisions affecting majority. The apathy qualifying as narcissism is not a healthy trend given reliability on the less fortunate to work in harsh conditions making survival a challenge.

A free nation would not impose existing mandatory laws such as health insurance subscription with penalty upon failure to do so favoring profit centric health insurance industry without similar provisions tied to penalty on insurance industry regularly not meeting their end of the bargain.

In a real democracy, there would be no tolerance to private entities and foreign members like European Royals secret meeting behind closed doors barring public and citizens represented press from gaining information on policies regarding global matter and more than seven billion inhabitants fate.  The reference is to Bilderberg conclave held annually with attendees sworn to secrecy in heavily guarded location.

The free country would not selectively profile law abiding citizens under the guise of national security while granting immunity to members in the position of authority on treason, corruption and criminal dealings based on fraternity and mutual advantage.  

Then there is misrepresentation and false propaganda misusing communication resources to mislead the nation and world at large to maintain status quo.

United States could lead in many frontiers provided the nation is liberated from illegitimate incognito forces functioning by proxy to promote self and vested interests exerting supremacy and dominance proved counterproductive thus far.

United States efficiency and energy is a consolidation of efforts and contributions from people of diverse orientation working towards common goal to improve lives for self and others in different domains.

Accordingly, collective rather than exclusive progress in society would define fair income distribution alleviating burden on lower and middle- income class and socially disadvantaged segments bearing imbalance in the economy.

United States strategies in domestic and foreign affairs are premised on benefits to political class their campaign financiers, special interests and influential entities ignoring ramifications at national and international level.

The private ownership of federal reserve in control of monetary policy and money circulation further undermines United States independent status. With legislations directed to profit campaign donors from economic sector and those near and far, the electorate expectations are barely met disappointing voters in the otherwise opaque unaccountable and devious system.

National and state operation is outsourced to private management like the credit bureaus run by three specific private companies with no oversight apply arbitrary rules leaving the victims of home mortgage fraud and credit card exorbitant interest hikes by banks at their mercy.

As long as government remains a mechanism for private organizations, political factions and those forging close relations with insiders to promote agenda threatening unity, peace and economic development,

Freedom for all is a mere dream and available at a dear price.

July 4th arrives and remembered with joy every year. The day equal opportunity and greater accessibility for optimistic future to citizens across the spectrum is no longer a struggle, the celebration would be worthwhile.

Hope for a better tomorrow beginning at present sets the path to reach milestone.

Happy July 4th !

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


World – Current Affairs

May 21, 2017


Duplicity feigning Authenticity

By Padmini Arhant

Could the media in the United States care to clarify on the present family in the White House?

Is President Donald J. Trump an orthodox Jew?

If the answer is no, then the President’s eldest daughter Ivanka could not be an orthodox Jew since she is referred to as Ivanka Trump.

On the contrary, any claim on Ivanka’s apostasy from whatever that was previously to the current one through alleged marriage with an orthodox Jew Jared Kushner could not be true either with the last name Kushner discarded by supposedly an orthodox traditional spouse.

What is true?

Ivanka’s marriage to orthodox Jew Jared Kushner then why not Ivanka Kushner rather than Ivanka Trump given the orthodox status?

Alternatively, there could be no connection between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and yet she is supposedly a mother of his three kids struggling the act between an orthodox Jew and an unorthodox identity.

In keeping up with prevalent practice to dissect personal profile of anyone regarded a public figure, the clarification is necessary to end misrepresentation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


By Padmini Arhant

There are many questions arise due to duplicity feigning authenticity and violations are the norm.


  1.  Could any system be truly democratic when candidates are pre-selected by a special council or for that matter chosen by Super Delegates like in the United States Democratic Party exerting superiority over electorate prior to national election?


  1. What about a democracy that bars women hopefuls while expecting women voters to cast votes and yet described as vibrant democracy?


  1. How is the election free and fair with detention of political opposition and absence of other parties from mainstream denied opportunity to participate in the process?


  1. Is it possible that CIA and NSA are so weak and vulnerable that their secret world is infiltrated by Wikileaks and one of their employees both of whom are apparently fugitives and named in the most wanted list?


  1. Similarly, were CIA and counterparts in deep slumber awakened by al-Qaeda on 9/11?


  1. Is terrorism today the premise for warfare likened to communism in the past prompting invasion of Vietnam and other parts of South East Asia while triggering near nuclear meltdown targeting Cuba?


  1. Did Karl Marx benefit from communism? Or Did communism promote feudalism?


  1. Is corporate socialism facilitating welfare system for politics considering economic sector and political establishment interdependency?


  1. Are the cash flow from campaign donors to political members and vice versa via kickbacks and backend deals deemed corruption?


  1. Should lawmakers as lawbreakers be allowed to legislate laws they do not respect and follow while enforcing them against rest of the society?


  1. What about those in the position of power and authority exercising the license to kill at will whether the victim is unarmed civilian in domestic or foreign land?


  1. Is freedom of press a privilege or priority in a democracy?


  1. Should media and news outlets be pugnacious to some and unctuous to other?


  1. What makes the report fair and balanced – facts or fabrication?


  1. Should television networks be concerned about rating or rationality?


  1. What is the difference between State broadcasting and corporate channels fielding for the State?


In International Developments:


  1. Can a state annex territory and occupy neighboring country in defiance of international law and maintain normal relations with rest of the world?


  1. Should a country as major economic power claiming territorial proprietary continue to threaten region simply because the sea shares the name of the country?


  1. Is it appropriate to undermine sovereignty of a nation with arbitrary air strikes against the defense force?


  1. Does it make the wrong right with weapons supply to nation identified as terror sponsor and aggressor?


  1. Should innocent people in poorer nations die for the sake of job creation and profitability in industrialized country?


  1. What leads to self-destruction?


Response – The enslavement to greed and hatred.


  1. What distinguishes political opportunism from human compassion?


Response – When the government exploits options to stay execution order for one citizen while colludes with then ruling power in declining a rape victim the right to survive and mandatorily transports the patient in critical condition out of country against medical advice resulting in patient’s mortality and political killing.  Further victimizing the citizen by rejecting  the victim and parent’s plea to disclose the victim’s actual name.


  1. What is worst – myopia or dystopia?


Response – The former transforms into latter.


  1. What is religion to politics?


Response – The pawn for political advantage.


Something to think about in the rapacious environment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission







India – Idle Worship (Filmy Duniya Part II)

April 17, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Subsequent to earlier segment Filmy Duniya (Movie World) on entertainment industry serving as  platform for propaganda and prejudice, the current topic focus on idle worship of Film stars and the cult following that exists with celebrities getting away with man slaughter, tax evasion, political scandals involving arms deal and instigating violence...exempting them from any accountability.

Indian democracy with tiered system granting immunity on crimes to members in politics, entertainment industry and economic sector is a travesty of justice and mockery of republic status not to mention the widening gap between superior and ordinary classifications despite the slogan – Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas merely remaining a political rhetoric in the absence of rule of law across the spectrum.

The audio link above scans the profile of big screen heroes turning out to be big time zeroes due to their unlawful activities that are left unchecked exclusively on the basis of stardom and relations with politics, underworld and international syndicate besides media and press shelter.

The trend poses grave danger for society and the country at large. The mass awakening declining the cult environment is critical for real progress nationwide.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presentee

Spouse in Divine Mission



India – Filmy Duniya (Movie World) – Hindi

April 12, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Besides promoting ignorance and prejudice, the entertainment industry serving as propaganda medium to suppress the facts and reality on world events is the topic of discussion. Such investment in the name of entertainment  is a waste of resources and purpose in life.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


India – Bollywood – The Platform for Subversion

January 27, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter Spouse in Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant

Beginning with the name Bollywood bearing no relevance to India and Indian cinema, the spin off patronize Indian entertainment sector.

The Indian film industry at the service of the international illegitimate incognito forces with money funneled in film making from various sources not barring nefarious and underworld investment to subvert India’s history and culture should be a cause of concern for movie goers knowingly or inadvertently contributing to mass deception.

The concerted effort and complicity in promoting objectionable content and distorted versions under the guise of fiction and enactment of living entity is a disgrace. The art lacking in creativity while loaded with obscenity and fabrication to appease foreign and domestic diktat is politically motivated to stir reaction much to self-detriment.

The movies under unscrupulous directorial and production name are bribed with false accolades and illicit funds sparing no opportunity to disparage womanhood and those challenging status quo.

The collusion among the so-called fraternity in close association with politics and self-classified upper echelons in society undermine democracy crying foul upon met with public rejection on distortion and defamation of characters in Indian history and mythology.

Entertainment field transformed into an arena where anything goes with many out there for profitability and patented hall of fame submit to bare promiscuity and impropriety.

The trend launching movies on real life individuals laden with concocted derisive portrayal hiding behind fiction peddle toxic materials to satisfy patrons and perverts becoming the primary medium for the corrupt and incorrigible to defend indefensible actions.

The actors on their part – the females in particular prioritizing stardom and fortune apparently have no qualms in self-compromise delineating them in the profession  regarded escort service with glitz and glamor.

Whenever there are more to anything that meets the eye, the topic beckons further discussion and will be presented accordingly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission



India – The Delhi Gang Rape Victim Justice

By Padmini Arhant

To:  WORLD Attention

The Delhi gang rape victim, an Indian citizen in India continues to be denied her basic and fundamental right to be referred to by her name even after her demise rejecting her family’s humble request to the authority and Indian society to mention her by the family given name and not the authorities invented name Nirbhaya or anything else.

The contemptuous and callous act obliging international incognito forces instruction confirm the so-called democracies are anything but democratic.

Accordingly, this website deem every one of the female members regardless of sexual orientation in politics, entertainment sector comprising film and television industry as well as communication media representing the incognito rule to be the Delhi gang rape victim.

The same would apply to all those referring to Delhi (India) gang rape victim as Nirbhaya or any other name instead of her real name.

Tyranny in modern age is powerlessness emanating from civilization decline and complicity to human rights violation notwithstanding apathy due to self-interest and opportunism. 

Despotism invariably leads to destruction with history serving as testimony.  All actions have consequences and none can escape the effects of deeds despite the hierarchy on color, class and creed.

The taller the hubris, the greater is the impact.

Life on earth is a transition and transgression determine journey ahead ending honeymoon for those slighting salvation.

Never too late to wise up to prevent winding up in undesirable domain.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter,

Spousal Partner Divine Mission






Culture – Con, Condescendence and Contempt

January 10, 2017

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.
Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter Spouse in Divine Mission.



By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Con – Fraud, deception and misrepresentation.

Condescendence – Patronize, Disdain, Humiliate

Contempt – Hatred, Disrespect, Scorn

The above qualities are apparent among those driven by envy, greed and insolence.

At no point in time, can anyone replace anybody anyhow in real life.  Neither makeover nor poor imitation and concocted versions can possibly transform them to be me or vice versa. This fact has been made abundantly clear on my website

Even worse is exploiting my copyrighted content let alone my personal life and family matter. My closing line Peace to All taken for granted and gestured as their signature pose which speaks volume of the notoriety prevalent in contemporary politics and other domain.  

The corrupt and criminal politicians like the one recently departed from the world in Tamil Nadu, India having dominated politics not by popular choice rather fraudulent means viz. vote rigging, bribery and violent threats against any independent candidates are bid farewell with pageantry and unworthy honor.  Not realizing  they are not extended such reception in the other world.  

The Tamil newspaper daily in Singapore and Tamil Nadu groveling instead of shedding light on her tainted legacy with irreparable damage and misery inflicted on numerous lives by imposing alcoholism with liquor stores in every nook and corner against citizen’s protests during her term in office is disservice to community among many other crimes in her political tenure. This is where journalism and politics consummate not as strange bedfellows anymore depriving citizens from factual data.

The name Patanjali introduced in my blog on yoga is launched as the commercial brand for profitability in India. Plagiarism is piracy and more so a crime when conducted as entitlement.  Such characteristics are prominent amongst incompetent and obtuse opportunists in society.

Unlike the actors incentivized with highest awards (whether deserving or not) to deliver scripted speech with specific appearance, the material presented on this website is focused on policy, strategy and decisions of the so-called powerful abusing power for self and vested interests.

By the way, I wear reading glasses for medical not cosmetic reason as sported by proxies on payroll for mockery. In this instance, the irony in their empathy for disabled reporter mocked on the campaign trail while self-indulgence in caricature of me for wearing spectacles overflows with hypocrisy.

The relentless efforts to portray me however one chooses is nothing more than desperate times seeking desperate measures much to self-disgrace and deprecation.

I have been deemed as the Delhi gang rape victim. In this regard, every one of those engaged in innuendoes including Indian politics, media and entertainment sector stooped to the lowest ebb in history of mass communication. The abominable act from Indian wannabees carried out at foreign criminal syndicates behest prove India is anything but independent from colonial slavery.

So much so, BBC the media propagandist hiring a British woman filmmaker perhaps agreed to undertake the lewd task for cheap fame titled the film – India’s daughter projecting the rape victim at fault in the movie.

The ill-conceived depiction clarifies the respect or the lack thereof for womanhood in English society evidently condescendence towards women of Eastern culture – the norm established in the immigration rule for virginity test on South Asian and South East Asian Women under former female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Besides, in withholding the rape victim’s real name and referring to her as Nirbhaya meaning the fearless much to her parents’ anguish and ignoring their plea to refer to her by actual name demonstrates crude animosity that persists amongst rogue elements pretending to be avant- garde in the world.

Unfortunately, women volunteers in pursuit of limelight and media attention willfully representing the unscrupulous also contribute to misogyny.

As for those hovering on glory and accolades as a Tamil Muslim musician from Tamil Nadu film industry or stand-up comic in the United States, only if they could use the position to voice their concern over religion and ethnicity misused for political reasons that would confirm their priority over glamor and recognition.

Again, the hunger for illegitimate stardom in politics, entertainment and media care less about substance and ethos in a bid to remain in public eye.

Above all, the entertainment industry having become the major political platform to mislead captive audience is intrusive and deceptive in not highlighting myriad issues like the outgoing U.S. administration and allies sponsoring of terrorism in Syria with spill over in Iraq and rest of the Middle East leaving thousands dead and millions as refugees with violence having generational impact. Notwithstanding the predator drones chasing innocent children, women and elderly in the dark and forcing them out of their humble dwellings in Afghanistan is one among many operations around the globe.

The hidden facts on Osama Bin Laden alleged capture in Abbottabad, Pakistan when the subject long been deceased in 2001 and health care law with inherent problems beckon acknowledgment.

The quest for accountability would be appropriate upon demand across the spectrum regardless of political faction.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Missiom









United States – Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Happy Thanksgiving!


I take the opportunity to thank the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the earth, air, oceans and seas, forests and mountains facilitating life on the planet.

I would like to thank the indigenous folksthe Native Americans, the first inhabitants in North America introducing the culture to express gratitude and in this instance to Mother Nature also Mother Earth for nurturing life through plentiful crops and orchards in the tradition following harvest that became Thanksgiving in the United States of America.

I thank the environmentalists protecting environment despite formidable challenges from industries and politics threatening ecological balance and planet sustenance for profitability with many species forced into extinction and humanity conditions increasingly deprived of clean air and pure water due to pollution and contamination.

In other fields, I thank the common citizens taking the time and effort to upload YouTube videos on diverse problems related to fixing things whether mechanical or technological and general glitches experienced in daily life helping fellow human beings to address them saving money and time for many through such assistance.

Keep up the good work in providing and sharing ideas and solutions to minor and major routine overload that often disrupts normal schedule. The voluntary free tips on many relevant life functionality is much appreciated.

I thank all those striving hard to make a difference in the world without ulterior motives and self-interest most importantly fame, fortune and glory.

The candidates winning and losing especially for the ones with high profile political life is premised on track record speaking louder than words and glorified editorials including powerful backing witnessed in the election campaign.

The candidate acknowledgment of own shortcomings and mistakes rather than ascribing blame or scapegoat anybody for failure would mark the humble beginning.

I thank the interns, the apprentice and those working in general office duties, the mail room in particular sorting and dispatching mail for proper delivery that could otherwise bring the entire business down and similarly production assistants enabling successful shows and programs regardless of meager pay and condescendence towards jobs and job doers in the work force. 

I thank the Housewives in America and worldwide for their culinary talent shining through in ordinary life and more so on special occasions.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner without arguments on the recent 2016 election results.

In not doing so, the turkey might jump out of the table and walk out alive much to your bewilderment. Haha!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs.Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission




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