India – Unconditional Release of Human Rights Activists

September 10, 2018

India – Unconditional Release of

Human Rights Activists

Padmini Arhant

The latest development on human rights activists’ extension on house arrest pending Supreme Court hearing on September 12th, 2018 is suo motu in the backdrop of absence of credible evidence against all of them compared to the other two members Hindutva leaders Milind Ekbote and Manohar ‘Sambhaji’ Bhide, associated with BJP government accused of instigating the Bhima-Koregaon violence and accordingly FIR filed against them.

The contrasting treatment highlights the misappropriation of judicial process detaining the former in house arrest while exempting the latter from any inquiry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi headed BJP government in Delhi directing the Supreme Court is evident as claimed in another controversial national issue on Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, where the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath representing the BJP government in Delhi asserted BJP’s unilateral influence on Indian Supreme Court over all matter.

Upon reviewing the facts on the arrests of five human rights activists and government concerted crackdown on dissent violently pursuing journalists, civil rights activists, writers, poets and intellectuals in society targeted for voicing concerns on the plight of marginalized, disenfranchised and isolated segments as well as women and minorities in India, the government action clearly is a blatant violation of constitution that guarantees all citizens in the Republic of Indiathe inalienable right to express views and opinion on any issues including disagreement on any government policies and programs or the lack thereof affecting citizenry.

Since these five human rights activists have been unlawfully held on unsubstantiated charges, the government and judiciary combined could no longer prolong the case that is arguably politically motivated to set precedence in curbing democratic rights nationwide. The overcast leads to prejudice besides failing to meet the legal requirement on judgment against the accused in the satisfaction of beyond reasonable doubt for conviction.

Under these circumstances, the state infringement on civil rights of the human rights activists denying them constitution granted freedom of expression in public or private sessions is a serious contravention deserving civil debate and legislation to prevent misuse of authority at any level. Those who were engaged in this instance against the human rights activists are to be investigated and held accountable to set the procedure for future reference. The judicial reform in Parliament is equally pertinent to allow the legal course to function flawlessly expediting hearings and decisions across the board beginning with law enforcement action on citizens complaints to court proceedings without state intervention in obstruction of justice.

The five human rights activists – Varavara Rao, Vernon Gonzalves, Arun Ferreira, Sudha Bharadwaj and Gautam Navlakha are to be released unconditionally effective immediately and all allegations against them discharged restoring their dignity and sanctity of Indian democracy that would otherwise be reflected under siege.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





Global Fascists Playbook – GESTAPO Rule

September 9, 2018

Global Fascists Playbook


Padmini Arhant

I, Padmini Arhant, the female as spouse, mother, sister and daughter unequivocally condemn the global fascists GESTAPO rule and practice misleading the world at large in portraying their proxies and puppets in politics and entertainment industry in particular as me and vice versa. 

In swapping my good deeds and profile in exchange for their political puppets and minions’ failures, evil actions, prejudice and condemnable abuse of power, corruption, genocide, terror sponsoring and draconian activities…they are subjecting themselves to an irreversible curse of being deprived from redemption and liberation of their soul. Not to mention karmic effects in living and upon their demise already experienced at present by many having treaded on the misguided trail.

The duplicity and deception is the trend since my emergence as it was not prevalent prior to my appearance in public domain. When in fact, these members whose names are mentioned below including anyone not listed, however belong to the category have been around before me and known to be whoever they were as politicians and performers in the entertainment sector. Suddenly they have all been transformed into messiah and divas, while I’m being denigrated in the global criminal fascists controlled presstitute and crony media as maid, servant, dehathi – country brute (this is from Pakistan News Paper DAWN acting like DON) for refusing to comply to their order.

When I speak on issues, it is being stated as I quote – women are appearing on big screens but men tell stories, suggesting intellect and rationality are patented male characteristics with overt condescendence towards me as a female. At the same time, when any of their representatives in politics and entertainment as they are in lock, stock and barrel more so in the past decade until now, pass away or sworn to office after usurping to power, my silence attracts deafening noise abusing me then as a female for not pouring my emotions on the events. The misogyny I experience from both male and female alike representing global fascists is predominantly due to my ethnicity and the other being my principles in declining to bow to tyranny and reprehensible behavior such as hatred and sexism.

The global fascists have women heads of state and Presidential candidates not barring women in economic and entertainment sector toeing the line, selling ideology and implementing supremacy doctrine that are obviously the agenda to maintain dominance. Accordingly, they are acknowledged for being stooges by remaining in patriarchal ambit.

The reason I am being viciously targeted is my resolute stance and commitment to truth and facts on all issues concerning humanity. The exposure with evidence on their actions and inaction during the term in office not excluding the misuse of authority are indeed the bone of contentions for them.

The vitriolic attacks and humiliations using scapegoat to malign me as a woman is nothing more than a skunk trying to neutralize the odor upon being chased for en masse suffocation of life and environment. As a result, leaving them the laughing stock of the world in reminder to my earlier quote – One who is laughed at will have the last laugh as witnessed right now.

I reiterate on the deceitful representations that are not only unethical but also criminal in the real world governed by ethics and justice.

I, Padmini Arhant as an individual and a woman in my own rights is determined and defined by my DNA exclusive to me and my origin and not transferrable at deceitful will and accord of anyone to suit their selfish and vested interests. 

I’m not Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussain Obama, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi and Imran name a few that also applies to female deputation as well as anything or anyone across the spectrum they choose to subvert my originality. 

I would like to highlight the trend using global fascists playbook that has been consistently used to torment women of color or ethnic background proving the extent of evil unleashing violence, terror and incarceration in sheer frustration over recognition of woman’s role to emancipate the oppressed, marginalized and discriminated members transcending race, religion and social economic background leading to a free and fair society not in mere name but in actuality.

India – Delhi – Dec 29th, 2012 – A young woman paramedic student fell victim to gang rape. The worst was the state intervention of Sonia Gandhi together with the political establishment in entirety denied the patient due emergency medical treatment by forcing her transportation overseas in critical condition causing her preventable death. The incident  becoming a State assassination. Furthermore, the callous Bollywood and political class referred to her as Nirbhaya meaning fearless ignoring the victim and her family’s request to address her by her given name on birth.

United States – October 3rd, 2013,  Miriam Carey – African American woman, Age – 34, the dental hygienist accompanied by her then toddler daughter was mercilessly gunned down by then President Barack Obama’s security personnel at the White House door step. The unarmed Miriam Carey was shot five times with more than twenty to twenty five bullets in that crime scene. The female toddler forced to be the witness to gruesome killing of her mother. None held accountable for the state murder of a U.S.citizen. 

United States – August 24th, 2018.

Harvard Graduate Zainab Merchant, a Muslim Woman was traveling from Boston to Washington D.C. She was routinely selected for screening at the airport over two years though there was nothing incriminating found against her during every TSA trial at the airport. On this trip Zainab was forced to show officials her pad during airport screening despite her telling them she was on her period and yet took her aside for additional screening with nothing found except further tainting TSA reputation on GESTAPO tactic.

India – September 2018Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP government arrested Human Rights Activists in different states remanding them to custody without verifiable evidence and held in house arrest on interim order. The Supreme Court hearing scheduled on September 6th, is rescheduled to September 12th, extending the house arrest exercising suo motu without proof of any wrongdoings.

Juxtaposed Congress Party members implicated on numerous corruption scandals with hard core evidences and another member Shashi Tharoor facing charges on his wife Sunanda Pushkar’s murder case are held above law. Similarly, BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi involvement in communal violence in Godhra, Gujarat was exonerated allowing him to become the head of the so-called largest democracy.

Likewise, the industrialists and Bollywood actors and actresses get away with criminal offenses and murder respectively considering their close relations and representation in politics.

On the contrary – the human rights activists having dedicated their lives as lawyers, writers, journalists and civil rights activists defending the workers exploited in economic sector, farmers and indigenous groups against land acquisition, women and minorities subject to sexual assault and killings through deployment of police and armed personnel in conflict zones and more are selectively apprehended on fabricated charges and held in home detention and many in jail.

Among them, the United States Native Sudha Bharadwaj Female Professor of Law, Trade Unionist and Civil Rights Activist is falsely accused of conspiring to instigate violence and possible alleged attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The media trial on Sudha Bharadwaj and other activists were conducted delivering the verdict in the BJP channel REPUGNANT TV unscrupulously poised as REPUBLIC TV with cantankerous and opportunist hosts and anchors.

Last but not the least in the latest saga the female traveller – The Indian Ph.D student from Canada Lois Sofia was sent to 15 days judicial custody following the police complaint from PM Narendra Modi’s government Tamil Nadu Chief claiming the student shouted Fascist BJP Government down down.

The State authorities atrocities against innocent civilians and honorable members in society sums up the GESTAPO rule adapted from GLOBAL FASCISTS PLAYBOOK ominously heading towards imminent termination with the end justifying the means for greater good.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Hate, Prejudice and Misogyny -The Insignia of Peril

August 28, 2018

Hate, Prejudice and Misogyny -The Insignia of Peril

Padmini Arhant

The freeloading opportunists and wannabes ever remaining gluttons of power, fame and fortune are the worst scavengers to exist in the world dominated by them though not for long.

As parasites their survival is desperately dependent on the source they continue to abuse and exploit for individual gains and egocentric supremacy expediting the inevitable end of them being hate mongers.

The dark forces with their crony contingency have nothing to live for except spewing venom to legitimize illegitimate draconian doctrine characterized in prejudice and misogyny. The vitriolic spasms are regularly released through media cacophony and entertainment industry salivation to the masters’ bait producing mercurial poison in the name of content.

These vile despicable catalysts of destruction are incorrigible. There is no hope of revival considering the deteriorating inner vices leading them to point of no return. They waste their lives in authorizing and serving perilous cause much to own agonizing experience for their soul upon departure from this world. Not to mention the painful arduous journey awaiting them in living and death thereafter.

These narcissists disguised as elitists cite backward caste and pariah in their opinion of anyone they regard arch nemesis while ironically expecting recognition and acknowledgment from the same so-called outcast. Their lofty and hypocritical stance make them the laughing stock as they demand respect in return for their insults and insolence. They fail to realize due to uber hubris overwhelming their personality, backwardness is in character and deeds to which they are sole proprietors and unparalleled in their backward mentality.

Peace and mutual respect are antithetic to them given their combat disposition and repugnance.

Accordingly, they are not only the pariahs but also the piranhas for their predator instincts and impulsive extremist views precipitating self-decline. 

Needless to say, these are ominous signs of imminent disaster for orchestrators and subservient representatives alike.

Lest be understood, these actions are never without karmic effects and a harsh lesson along the way not to take others for granted.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Prakrithi. PadminiArhant.con


















Defining Respect

August 20, 2018

Defining Respect 

Padmini Arhant

Respect to some is never mutual. They demand respect as entitlement. What does it say about those who consider denigrating anyone they disagree with as their prerogative and in return expect them to recognize their agents and representatives in any capacity? The choices are simple. Tolerating injustice foment prejudice and exploitation.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

United States – Erratic Decisions Are Self Inflicting Disaster

June 25, 2018

United States – Erratic Decisions Are Self Inflicting Disaster

Padmini Arhant

President Donald J Trump obliging instructions from elements against progress and peace is self inflicting disaster for the source and catalysts.

President Donald Trump acquiescence to forces against peace reflected in the recent imposition of illegal unilateral economic sanctions against North Korea for another year subsequent to gala summit in Singapore describes the office of Presidency subjugation .

The dark age merchants of war, acrimony and human rights violations have nothing to look forward except chaos and perpetual turmoil in accordance with inner self conflicts within prompting such compulsive and impulsive behavior. Not to mention the unpleasant and unwelcoming journey awaiting them following own mortality unravelling the misdeeds during their lifetime.

The rational mind would demonstrate discernment and intellect rejecting destructive course and adopt constructive measures to heal and humanize relations that has been shunned due to excessive desire for violence and discord.

On immigration issue – the drive to deport undocumented immigrants without due process is yet another example of self harming strategy given the economic and political dynamics of such erroneous decision.

There are consequences to all actions and the wise act to prevent undesirable outcome with serious repercussions despite any pressure and misguidance from agents of catastrophe.

Life offers opportunity to correct and rectify mistakes from the past and present for a better future. Those riding on the unbridled horse are expected to face the tumultuous fall as deserving in the light of voluntary egregious determination.

Rising from the pit requires tremendous courage and will to do anything right in a fair and practical approach delivering positive conclusion benefiting humanity at large as opposed to counterproductive choices leading to regrettable ending.

Those who think they control everything control nothing especially when they are controlled by egocentric illusive thoughts promoting self endangering indulgence.

Time serves as a reminder and foreteller of events cautioning straying minds to focus on utilizing power and position of authority in mitigating human suffering rather than exacerbating misery inevitably affecting the channels and origin.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter

United States Withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

June 21, 2018

United States Withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

Padmini Arhant

United States withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council citing the latter as a hypocrite and  self serving appropriately applies to accusers than the accused considering own legacy and status quo. United States reason for withdrawal is attributed to UN Human Rights Council’s ‘Chronic bias towards Israel.’

United States decision suggest neither US nor the ally Israel are independent nations. United States move on Israel’s behalf creates the position for US as a vassal state to Israel.  Simultaneously, Israel riding on United States coat tail on all matter concerning Israel proves Israel’s protracted dependency including public relations undermining any legitimacy as a sovereign state. Under these circumstances, both entities are required to ascertain the role they play for proper representation in the international forum.

As for human rights violations, United States immigration issue reportedly leaves the fate of 2000 children hanging in balance as they remain in the detention center subsequent to the halt on separation of immigrant families and their offsprings. Notwithstanding the lack of interest and responsibility in U.S. Congress to pass the immigration bill on dreamers and amnesty for the significant number of immigrants facing deportation. Then there are detainees in the infamous Guantanamo Bay held for nearly two decades denying them habeas corpus i.e. legal representation in addition to inmates families having no access to these men who are sons, fathers, husband, brother to someone overseas. 

Similarly, Israel’s trajectory in Palestinian territory is well known worldwide. Israel’s occupation of Palestine and since then human rights abuse sparing none viz. children kept in Israeli Defense Force controlled Administrative detention center outside West Bank without contacts with parents, the Saharonim prison where African asylum seekers are held in the Israeli facility on Negev Desert and unilateral blockade against Gazans for more than a decade forcing the densely populated Gaza strip under siege summarize United States and Israel’s human rights record.

The US administrations tradition pardoning those convicted of crimes and serious charges predominantly based on political preferences and exchange of favors while detaining hard working immigrants with clean profile for mass deportation is a paradoxical policy with conflicting ethical standards.

Accordingly, on  hypocrisy both Israel and United States remain unopposed veterans in this domain.

United States retreating from UN Human Rights Council in Israel’s defense is imprudent diminishing U.S. image and position in humanitarian affairs.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



United States – Executive Action Halting Family Separation

June 20, 2018

United States – Executive Action Halting Family Separation

Padmini Arhant

The latest action halting immigrant family separation is welcome. However, keeping them in detention center is not a viable option as it poses health challenges among other problems for the detainees under such conditions. Moreover, the legislation on dreamers act along with amnesty for eligible vast majority is a priority ending the lingering immigration matter.

National security is directly tied to United States domestic and foreign policy. The government with administration and Congress directing focus on rectifying United States foreign policy that promotes sponsoring terrorism against sovereign states like Syria, indefinite occupation and warfare in Afghanistan, interference in foreign states political affairs causing turmoil and chaos like in Ukraine, Venezuela, Sudan, Yemen and Middle East, deterrence in the establishment of Palestinian Statehood are few examples that are to be addressed in recognition of flawed strategies deserving conclusion.

Above all, United States long forgotten human rights violations towards inmates held indefinitely denying them due process and legal representation for nearly two decades in the infamous Guantanamo Bay merits closure allowing the prisoners and their families access to free and fair judicial trial. Such action would demonstrate United States respect for lives and human value.

The domestic policy on gun control despite repeat incidents in school campus and public premise remain a threat to citizens security and they are not related to immigrants and immigration status. The former administration’s Fast and Furious program exacerbated violence in Mexico and other Latin American nations forcing the local residents to flee the violent zone.

The two areas alone – U.S. domestic and foreign policy endanger lives in the home front and worldwide.

It’s about time to acknowledge mistakes and pursue the path of peace, tolerance, fairness and equal opportunity for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

United States – Immigration Crackdown

June 19, 2018

United States – Immigration Crackdown

Padmini Arhant

The current administration extreme measure on immigration crackdown separating children from families is a crime to begin with requiring due diligence rather than hardline undemocratic and inhumane approach slighting humanitarian values that tarnish America’s image and credibility. 

The White House and Justice department are urged not to adopt harsh and unconstitutional strategy splitting children and young members from their parents and close family under the guise of national security. 

The administration’s ongoing practice is in direct violation of human rights that does not bode well amid involvement in peaceful endeavors on international affairs.

These children are United States citizens by birth and their constitutional rights to live in the country of birth with their biological parents and nucleus family merits attention and compliance by authorities in breach of these citizens civil and human rights. 

National security cannot be the reason to threaten innocent children and young members of immigrant families as they are not endangering lives with overwhelming immigrant and undocumented members in United States are hard working and making significant contributions to the economy and society in general. Notwithstanding them being the taxpayers on the meager income paying taxes on consumer items and other products as well as services unlike the wealthiest evading taxes and exploiting consumer data for personal and corporate profitability. 

United States is the land of immigrants with many having arrived from different parts of the world in similar conditions like the present immigrant population facing deportation. The process to expel these large number of people without allowing them to resolve issues in a fair, credible and compassionate manner that would be appropriate appears to be a political move to appease small groups in society who have forgotten their lineage and descend that links them offshore.

The crime situation applied as the reason behind nonchalant expulsion of immigrants seeking permanent status is a result of domestic policy such as the previous administration’s Fast and Furious program supplying arms to drug cartels in Mexico, Columbia and other Latin American nations creating violent environment for residents of these countries forcing them to flee their towns and villages in search of safety and security.

The White House and Justice department’s latest decision without considering these children and youth rights as citizens of the United States and impact on separating them from their immediate families is deeply regrettable.

Besides, the accelersted crackdown has adverse effects on agriculture industry, hospitality service, construction work  and other areas of economic sector employing them that are hard to replace due to lack of interest and willingness amongst locals to accept the poor employment conditions viz. low wages and long hours benefiting employers up until now. Not to  mention such exploitation equally deserving action to correct the disparity in employment situation.

Immigration policy targeting specific groups or categories proved counterproductive to nations poised as multicultural society,  Accordingly, the system is to be restructured applying necessary and relevant criteria barring repeat and verified criminal background and activities as opposed to contemporary mass deportation leading to serious humanitarian crisis that would attract global focus and concern. 

President Donald Trump cherishing moments with own family and photo opportunity depicting family retreats while maintaining contrasting position on immigration matter dividing families including children torn apart from their loved ones is indeed an irony. The extraordinary dealings confirm politics blindsiding core human value.

The administration representing United States in entirety could not ignore the majority views against the politically motivated immigration standard subjecting children and young members to preventable agony and misery.

The White House, Justice department, the Department of Homeland Security and others authorizing the inappropriate violations in demanding immigrants exodus in the absence of means to legitimize status is not without political backlash considering the midterm elections around the corner. 

Interestingly, those in favor of the erroneous immigration strategy for political purpose are inviting undesirable fate in the election year that would be a game changer for the opposition.

Politics playing crucial role could deliver outcome against predicted analyses given the ethnic concentration and Latino electoral base in key states like Florida, California, New Mexico to name a few in the congressional polls this year.

Regardless, handling the immigration issue with care and understanding is imperative. There are lives caught in the dogma neglecting important aspects of humanitarian, economic, social and political repercussions that are best avoided by reversing the course.

The U.S. administrations granting amnesty has been the tradition like the pardons to those on criminal charges and violations of  law. However, this matter would be on legitimate grounds for eligible number of undocumented workers and immigrants in good standing and contributing to productivity and prosperity of the nation they regard their home.

United States respecting lives and human rights especially with children and young Americans having born and grown up in the land with dreams and aspirations is what would make America Great Again. 

Hopefully, rationality and compassion would prevail in the peaceful settlement of immigration and immigrant status.

Thank you.

Padmini  Arhant

Author & Presenter

















Journalism Travesty

June 9, 2018

Journalism Travesty

Padmini Arhant

The latest trend to attack truth and factual presentations from me via threats and vitriolic characterizations by certain press and media outlets online and diverse format representing criminal syndicate is abominable.

The criminal entities responsible for corruption, communal violence, treason, embezzelment, tax evasions, oppression, prejudice, massacres and state terrorism not to mention the abhorrent sponsoring of cannibalism have no shame whatsoever in their servile position to malign my unequivocal stance on social justice, freedom, individual rights, fair opportunity and progress for all not just the selective few or the privileged in the society.

These hired critics and opportunists somehow only remember what I have not said yet on any communal event or issue while conveniently ignoring more than 1500 posts written and published by me on and thus far that continues until now on various topics with specific focus on human rights violations and persecution of the underprivileged and those deemed outcasts in society.

In the process, I have endured serious injury like carpal tunnel from prolonged use of hands in writing these articles, loss of voice due to excessive verbal and visual presentations not to mention the impact on vision in constant use of computer and other electronic device. Does any of these challenges that I face matter to those casting stones at me? Apparently not.

Why not hold those in power and influential positions raking a fortune on taxpayers money accountable for dereliction of duty and adversarial decisions ruining lives and destiny of millions in the world?

I challenge the incognito abusing me as sociopath, an identity that is exclusive to them and their servile contingency to come out in the open rather than deploying sycophants from Vanity Fair and alike that is appropriately Insanity Fair depicting deplorable journalistic standard, a desperate strategy confirming the declining status.

Similarly, the goon politics recruited and funded news site viz. The Wire based in Delhi, India pretending as non-profit in the blatant profiteering racket upend journalism with provocative references inciting unnecessary perceptions for personal and political gains welcoming imminent downfall.

The rogue elements instigating unsubstantiated and fabricated tales in the hope of evading judgment on unforgivable sins committed by them since their origin and expected to be carried out until their last breath are determined to disqualify themselves from any redemption. The endless obituaries and eulogies given the hostility, acrimony and intense hatred towards me is nothing more than a suicide mission for anyone engaged and promoting such practice. The consequences proved time and time again lately with their proxies, puppets and nominated characters demise demonstrating individual folly and hubris.

The trend aptly reminding them those who dig grave for others invariably find them in it with the end justifying the means regardless of power, authority and celebrity status.

Accordingly, I demand an apology from those riding on my back and dishonestly claiming my contributions as their own when I have dedicated my life especially in the last decade up until now without being paid a dime or funded on anyone’s payroll. Instead I have depleted my life savings for those aspiring to achieve their dreams that would have been impossible for them otherwise together with numerous humanitarian causes only to be mocked and ridiculed in return as bankrupt by the ungrateful and insolent notwithstanding their serious memory lapse on own moral and ethical insolvency.

In the materialistic world with obsession for power, fame and fortune prompting ego centric aspirations at others expense, those criticizing me have no credibility or integrity. The sacrifice my family and I have made for the unknowns near and far cannot be sullied in the face of recognition, acknowledgment and blessings in the spiritual sphere.

The duplicity, lies, mass deception and propaganda through various means backfiring at the source and catalysts should not be slighted as these are ominous signs of decadence and reckoning resulting from deceitful actions.

The unscrupulous are experiencing karmic effects of their nefarious activities reflected in electoral defeats and financial losses with more on the horizon defining the clarion moment that none can escape their karma.

The divine purpose never succumbs to cowardly and wicked tactics neither bow to tyranny despite intimidation, subversion and manipulation much to the inevitable peril of those behind such tricks and traits.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter








United States – Supreme Court Different Ruling Related to Same Sex Marriage

June 5, 2018

United States – Supreme Court Different Ruling Related to Same Sex Marriage 

Padmini Arhant

In 2015 – Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ___ (2015) is a landmark civil rights case in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples by both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment …

In 2018 – The Supreme Court majority rule (7-2) which is not a narrow scope as misinformed in the news media favoring the Colorado Baker Jack Phillips who declined the request from customers – Gay couple to bake a cake to celebrate their wedding. The baker apparently refused on religious belief as a Christian. 

United States Supreme Court having ruled  in favor of Same Sex marriage in 2015 described as landmark decision in American justice now upholding the baker Jack Phillips position on religious basis though the matter pertaining to Gay wedding event is rather interesting.

Accordingly, The United States Supreme Court’s contrasting outcome related to Gay wedding presents a unique situation.

On the one hand Supreme Court legalized Gay marriage in the historic ruling in 2015 and fast forward three years later in the latest lawsuit the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) accorded with the baker Jack Phillips maintaining the individual interpretation of religion viz. Christianity in this case to deny the Gay customers cake order for a wedding celebration claimed as the baker’s personal religious belief not intended to be discriminatory against the patrons.

The recent result place religion and religious followers in a conundrum. As far as the society and religion are concerned, there are Christians among gay community as much as there are atheists and agnostics in heterosexual segments in any society.

Where does that leave the Gay Christians approaching the same source i.e. Jesus, Mary and Almighty God for solace and peace like the non-gay Christians?

Is SCOTUS opinion in correlation to the White House representation given the time 2015 and 2018? 

I will talk about this further in my presentation among other topics to feature shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

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