Appeasement Politics

March 7, 2020

Appeasement Politics 

Padmini Arhant

The reason behind status quo i.e. deteriorating political, economic, social, religion, health and environment is falsehood, deception, misrepresentation, fabrication, fraud and gross violations in every respect in all quarters beginning with politics, communication media, economic sector, entertainment, religion and social causes engaged in appeasement politics.

The members involved in such unscrupulous practice fail to recognize the incorrigible conduct inevitably affecting the source and catalysts promoting self-destructive agenda targeting those they are unable to confront intellectually and in a civil manner with dignity and integrity arguably not in their interest or character.

Accordingly, society and civilization decline originates from corrosive divisive politics with zero tolerance to objective review and constructive dialogue considered anti-nationalism even going further in describing any reasonable political discourse and dissent as terrorism and treason. In short, appeasement politics is expected over honest perspectives on political power mismanagement of economy and all matter concerning the nation at large.

The preference in contemporary politics is silent public spectators and muted media allowing those in power to run a muck not excluding the license to kill ordinary innocent citizens at will, snowballing corruption scandals, systemic abuse of power and criminality dominating the system.

Politics run and represented communication outlets from major and mainstream television networks, print media to an array of social and conventional media platform operating 24/7  to mislead and misguide captive audience. The indoctrination via state media and their proxies on various platforms is toxic in a desperate effort to deflect public attention from real issues and those directly responsible for the colossal failure of their policy, plan and programs or the lack thereof to resolve any crises.

Politics is also transformed into theatrics with deformed facial features of all those in politics and fields such as entertainment, economy…and more related to politics. The cartoonish depiction of political members especially the non-performers, corrupt and anyone with negative image are projected with pouting lips and wearing eye glasses again clarifying criminal behavior on the part of those presenting such insidious projections much to their peril in the increasingly corrupt politics and unethical media indulging in self-mockery.

Then there are TV anchors and talk show hosts directed to follow the script in mimicking their arch nemesis and clownish appearance wearing artificial eye glasses is yet another display of self-deprecation with criminal politics playing to the gallery.

Under these circumstances, political suicide is imminent drowning media and crony contingency as well as all those performing to the whims and fancies of the political power cartels facing tumult and titanic shift leaving them in trepidation.

Those digging grave for others invariably find themselves in it with history and latest events testament to the fact.

Finally, the appeasement politics proved to endanger democratic rule marginalizing the highest office whether President or Prime Minister, those in the cabinet and political system to mere titles dependent on flattery and fakery rather than delivery.

The discerning audience rejecting appeasement politics is the preliminary step in turning the stone in politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





Victimizers’ Hypocrisy

September 30, 2019

Victimizers’ Hypocrisy

Padmini Arhant

Victimizers’ preaching victims to respond with love, peace and conciliatory message while the victimizers maintaining their unruly mob conduct as their prerogative is humorous in one aspect and preposterous in reality.

Victimizers’ such demand is hypocrisy at best and idiocy at worst. The video further explains on this topic.

When victimizers advise victims to respond with nothing but peace and love in return for victimizers’ systemic abuse, insults and insolence as the norm.

It should definitely make any victim wonder on victimizers’ blatant duplicity.

Those who preach and expect nothing but respect, love and cordial relations from others whom they consistently target denying them their due respect and dignity,

The strange yet not surprising behavior from those whose lives are defined by violation of others rights, freedom and peace,

The message of love, peace and harmony from victimizers & surrogates’ mouth represents nothing more than a hollow pit.

Ironically, victimizers are good at prescribing their victims esteemed values that never ever practiced by victimizers who regard their offensive behavior towards victims simply their prerogative with no regrets or remorse whatsoever.

So much so victimizers’ are desensitized to their flagrant & even violent stance. While insisting that victims grin & bear their victimizers permanent offense.

Imagine if love & peace had its way in the world to win hearts and minds.

Then the following would not have happened in the history of mankind.

The Hindu epics Ramayana & the greatest war since Universe creation Mahabharata could have been averted with Lord Vishnu in Lord Ram & Lord Krishna’s Avatar prevailed in his persistence peace efforts emphasizing love and reconciliation.

The Christianity founder Jesus Christ with a message of love and peace . Jesus Christ would not have been mercilessly crucified.

Lord Buddha would not have been mocked and criticized for his peaceful & merciful Buddhist philosophy on life.

In Sikh religion, peaceful  Sikh saints would not have been brutally slained.

Similarly, in Islam the Prophet Mohammed and his family could have been spared from persecution and termination of lives.

In the twentieth century worldwide,the pioneer of non-violence (Ahimsa) – Mahatma Gandhi assassination.

Now seven decades later, Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse would not be glorified. Nathuram Godse’s glorifiers would not be garlanded & elected to be seated in the so-called World’s largest democracy – Indian Parliament!

In the United States, apparently the beacon of Democracy,

The non-violent peaceful civil rights leader Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. would not have been assassinated.

The peace corps initiator and Secret Society critic United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy would not have been assassinated.

Peace seekers & populist leaders viz.Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba from Africa,

Likewise people choice leaders pledged to peace & unity in Latin America,

These leaders governments would not have been killed. Latin America destabilized.

If love and peace had its way in the present time as I speak,

Peaceful political, human rights, environment activists would not be jailed, tortured and even murdered by governments unheeding their peaceful request.

If love and peace had its way in the present nuclear world.

The so-called Super Power would not flex their Mighty Nuclear Muscle threatening Non-nuclear nations with favorite slogan – ‘All Options are on the Table’.

If love and peace had its way at the moment,

The extremely peaceful and pious Tibetan population would be free. Not Oppressed.

If love, peace and consideration had its way in the present world,

Palestine would be independent and Palestinians would have statehood.

Sri Lankan Tamils would not have been massacred.

Kashmir would not be under indefinite curfew denying Kashmiris basic access.

If love, peace, compassion had its way then the gross reality – The poor would not be relegated to the poorest status.

Last but not the least If love, peace and harmony had its way,

The ugly caste system in India would have been abolished recognizing ‘All Equal’.

The uncomfortable fact:

The world is a jungle with predators setting their eyes on herbivores deer, zebra easy prey than taking on carnivores like them knowing well the consequence.

In conclusion Love, Peace, Conciliatory gestures would be reciprocated in the ideal virtuous domain.

The world is far from being normal i.e. reasonable ethics or grace let alone be Righteous Paradigm.

Lest the victimizers change and abandon counterproductive ways, prodding victims to bow is analogous to wishing a sand castle be accepted as rock solid citadel.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


July 13, 2019


Padmini Arhant


Welcome to Self-Empowerment.

Self-Empowerment is the base for Republic empowerment.

The governments are run by oligarchy i.e. Corporatized system using public funds. Privatization is the trend in the globalized economy. The chief beneficiaries in privatization are corporations and shareholders. Corporatized governance deny ordinary citizens fair access and opportunity.

Corporate run government policies exclusively favor them. Corporatized governance bear no responsibility on losses to taxpayers and severe damages to economy as well as environment. There is minimal or no oversight on deals benefitting companies on government projects viz. defense contracts handled by private company.

Hence, no checks and balances which means none held accountable on corruption. Transparency is a misnomer with no internal and importantly external audit.

For example – The U.S. government deployed private army Blackwater later dubbed as Xe and now changed into Academi committed atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan…and in Ukraine with license to kill besides gross human rights violations.

Oligarchy run governments use national defense force as private army for wars, destabilization of sovereign foreign nations and derail economy via sanctions. These actions are directed by organizations, think tanks and institutions representing oligarchy hegemonic goals and strategic dominance.

Government in reality is Corporation’s proxy delivering corporate interests. Government’s other wing is special interests group with own political ideology.

This leaves the government as representatives of private entities and organizations. Citizens are merely used as instrument to legitimize illegitimacy through election. Elections are run by oligarchy with massive funding in campaigns and candidacy.

Governments pledge allegiance to corporate financiers behind election campaign.

In fact, it is ordinary folks money circulated between governments and corporate funders. Ordinary people tax money generously handed to corporations by government. These handouts involve major tax breaks, government subsidies and many exemptions seldom distributed or trickle down to bottom in the workforce. The big corporations in return utilize a portion of common citizens money converted into slush funds and invested in election campaigns to secure government loyalty.

Major corporations enjoy the most favored company (MFC) status in quid pro quo.

Corporate owned media and political party run TV networks to control communication.

Free speech is a one way street with a dead end allowing only government to mislead muted audience. Ordinary citizens voices are muzzled and their advocates subject to government scrutiny. The system is fraudulently declared democracy while stifling republic status.

There is little or no tolerance to alternative perspectives and they are regarded a threat to authority.

As a result, freedom is under siege creating do or die situation. However, there is hope.

How can citizens free themselves from shackles?

Ordinary people in society are taxpayers, workers and consumers at large. Yet, average citizens are denied fair economic opportunity, income and social equality.

First, identify corporations behind government including companies and groups in disguise.

Then, remember you – the consumer possess the power towards Self-Empowerment.

Your decision to buy or avail products and services as end customer impact business.

Accordingly, boycott companies engaged in depriving your individual rights and economic progress.

Election reform is mandatorily required. Enforce ballot paper electoral process to prevent vote rigging and fraud witnessed time and time again in the so-called democratic elections.

Public mandate via referendum on public financing of election is the beginning. Setting election expenditure with strict limits and guidelines is critical. Similarly, demand political parties to disclose their donors and funders in public domain.

Set up cross verification process to confirm accuracy on political funding and voting. Political parties funding should be checked at all times and not just limited to election season. 

Reject political factions and candidates vying for public office as corporate agent.

Bar candidates with criminal records, serious civic violations and corruption charges.

These are preliminary steps towards freeing society from oligarchy and organizations run government.

Again, remind yourself and them that consumer is the ultimate authority determining success and failure of economy and politics.

Watch out for fake government critics launched on social media and main street to deceive public on factual events confirming democracy and constitution crises in society. The government organized pseudo semi-baked clowns are paid trolls to stymie genuine voice. Poor imitation is self-mockery and buffoonery of the paid performer. 

Audience exercising discernment in recognizing original from fakery dished out of bakery would be wise. 

Rise to the occasion and claim your liberty, the inalienable natural right of all beings in the world. 

Freedom is non-negotiable right of all citizens barring hierarchy and prejudice. 

Get started in Self-Empowerment to make this world a better place for all not selective few in society. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Auhtor & Presenter


Oligarchy Run Governments

June 8, 2019

Oligarchy Run Governments

Padmini Arhant

Who is government?

Government is selective cadre backed, funded and installed as fiduciaries for oligarchy and special interests imposing their will and agenda for mass subjugation.

Such governance is deceptively and deceitfully described as democracy much to human intelligence insult. The system essentially a kleptocracy camouflaged as democracy epitomize hypocrisy.

Oligarchy favorite choices are despots groomed into demagogues in their absolute surrender to cartel. They are managed and maneuvered to suit perilous aspirations. 

History is testimony to despotism’s ruinous cause and means to power ending in self-destruction and autocracy termination.

The so-called election in pseudo democracy is basically conducted with black money and slush funds disguised in electoral bonds and other nefarious methods flooded into campaigns buying votes using notes and candidacies with a price tag largely representing criminality and corruption. 

Accordingly they are expected to serve  election financiers goals during and after their term in office misusing political mandate and status until their last minute of survival.

What is the need for government?

The government is set up to amass collective wealth of ordinary citizens from their hard labor to benefit selective forces behind the gamut.

People are eternal human capital exploited to maximum for selective groups’ power, prosperity and security.

The labor force toiling over generations consistently struggle to achieve and maintain decent living standard while enriching oligarchy with wealth lasting several generations and yet the latter never content in their quest for fortune.

The citizens enlisted law enforcement such as police, judiciary and above all the national defense i.e. military is claimed and treated as the private army of political power and their behind the scenes operatives profiteering from defense contracts.

Besides, false assertions and embellishments  on attacks and air strikes to enhance political image during and after election is the norm.

The military is predominantly deployed in foreign lands for hegemonic ambitions to access economic resources offshore and establish strategic dominance in the regions  flaunting Superpower status.

How do governments come into force?

Using and abusing people. Turning people against people creating communal divide, caste, class and gender based prejudice highlighted in political appointments as the political class favor to marginalized segments reeking condescendence rather than merit determined acknowledgment.

The average and overwhelming population suffering in abject poverty are perfect targets for persistent violations leaving them at the rich and powerful’s mercy.

These famished parasites exerting authority as birth right are control freaks however lacking control over their distinct predator instincts delineating them from human race.

Ordinary citizens paid taxes and labor oriented revenues are shared among the few in the circle through tax evasions, embezzlement and plain daylight robbery from various government deals in oligarchy shadow.

The looted treasure from people is reinvested in election to bribe voters ironically using electorate money to submit to oligarchy designed electoral outcome.

The chief protagonists in this structure are not limited to political members but in fact comprise oligarchy owned and directed diverse communication media across the spectrum.

The media powerhouse are heavily delegated to propaganda and misinformation together with entertainment industry involvement unleashing big and small screens undeserving as well as worthless famous opportunists to deflect public focus and mislead captive audience.

The police force, para military and troopers as members of mainstream population with relations to common citizens as family, friends and neighbors are estranged for political purpose and authorized to exercise brute force and violence against unarmed civilians in peaceful protest on economic, social and environment abuse.

What is the government policy on individual rights, civil liberty, freedom of expression and peaceful dissent?

There is zero tolerance to positive, peaceful and constructive criticism casting and treating such voices as threat to political establishment and primarily to international clique calling the shots on operation to dissemination. 

Those daring to challenge status quo are isolated and made anonymous producing proxies and puppets to discredit and defame genuine truth. In many situations political dissenters are murdered and imprisoned or made to disappear by political power.

The violence from the state are justified as political license to kill and commit heinous crimes against citizens used to win elections.

How do oligarchy run governments respond to public call for transparency and accountability? 

Transparency and accountability are antithetical to government pledged to shadow power shady deals.

Those in power as members in politics and their benefactors in economic sector are provided immunity on crimes holding them above law that are ordinarily applicable to average citizens including members in national defense in the country.

The political class recruitment of controversial and criminal background candidacies are increasingly promoted as the strength of democracy ploughing sentiments to polarize society.

How do governments use religion?

Religion is the pawn for players in politics, social and religious domain.

The era declaring devil as deus in the evil worship is prominent in the dark age. Whether satanic rituals in bohemian grove or cult fundamentalism rise in politics, the trend currently experiencing psychedelic euphoria slighting reality around and within.

Naturally, anything contradictory to these traits are expected to agitate elements devoted in endangering earth’s sanctity and sanity.

Although insisting on church and state to be separate, religion cited to influence government actions ranging from women reproductive issues to their ability to perform duties in religious centers in the otherwise patriarchal sphere.

The world is forced into accepting contentious 1% dominance over 99% posing life and death decisions. The unrestricted general access to nature’s clean air, pure drinking water and food is not regarded a necessity instead left at oligarchy run governments discretion.

In these circumferences and extreme conditions, the government’s illegitimacy legitimized via calibrated and monetarily infused electoral process characterized as free and fair polls leaving the electorate in dismay.

The unsustainable rule imposing unreasonable demands beyond endurance is classic setting for imminent collapse. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

















India – Exit Polls or Exaggerated Polls?

May 19, 2019

India – Exit Polls or Exaggerated Polls?

Padmini Arhant

In the latest extortion in the name of election with criminal-in-chief Narendra Modi exalted is fake euphoria to masquerade falsehood.

The exit polls otherwise exaggerated polls is the work of criminal enterprise soon to crumble in the face of corruption, violence and massive vote rigging, manipulation with election commission shackled allowing mob rule to override electoral rules and model code of conduct.

Libya’s (late) Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Iraq’s former President Saddam Hussein, Egypt’s expelled President Hosni Mubarak and the likes met their fate in recent memory.

Despotism to displace democracy proved a disaster to those rejecting national freedom and gross human rights violations for personal and political gains.

History repeating itself is the tradition delivering same outcome experienced by authoritarianism.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Outgoing Narendra Modi Government Reliance on Terror & Terrorism

April 18, 2019

India – Outgoing Narendra Modi Government Reliance on Terror & Terrorism

Padmini Arhant

The outgoing government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi reliance on terror and terrorism as last resort is a losing battle for any contender having exhausted political tactics to evade real issues affecting electorate lives in the struggle for survival.

RSS backed BJP government under outgoing PM Narendra Modi assault on religions, deities and divinity is least surprising since the cadre’s fanatical ideology delineated in Hindutva doctrine.

The political faction i.e. BJP and representatives having never had any reverence to Hindu religion or Hinduism let alone respect for other faiths bear no relevance in contemporary charade only revealing BJP and RSS desperate strategy premised on trio terror maxims and they are;

Saffron terror recruiting terror operatives clad in robes

Political terror epitomized by then Chief Minister turned Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with companion, confidante and chief Amit Shah through demonetization, citizenship act threatening to throw targeted demography in the Bay of Bengal besides characterizing Hindus, Muslims, Christians and anyone found undesirable that is almost overwhelming population as termites explains incumbency’s debilitating condition evolving into terminal illness.

The third category is authority facilitating terror attacks against defense force and civilians for political gains in the contentious election.

In terms of civility towards women and womanhood the matter rests in the caretaker PM Narendra Modi abandonment of his spouse since marriage. The one who deserts the next of kin could hardly be dependable for empathy to strangers despite them being citizens of the country and importantly the electorate with a mandate to serve barring prejudice and communal hatred rife in current political establishment.

The diatribe and tirade between political contestants might have attracted mild reprimand from election commission. Nonetheless, the media bias towards chosen political factions or against those nuanced continues unabated fomenting polarization aimed at rating i.e. TRP.

The film industry actresses representing major political parties at national and regional level performing to the script is expected without any shadow of doubt. However, in this context BJP contestants interjecting religion and Bollywood dialogue is impulsive as witnessed in Jaya Prada’s reference to her rival Azam Khan as Dhanav or demon and vowing to annihilate the candidate with authority from goddess is as reprehensible as the latter’s repeat misogyny towards the former equally qualifying for suspension of her campaign and further actions by election commission.

Similarly, the election commission’s latest default extending favoritism to the candidate Narendra Modi seeking re-election by punishing those involved in their duty – IAS officer on election duty suspended for checking PM Narendra Modi’s chopper is election commission’s direct violation of free and fair election.

The electoral process is to exempt none above law unlike several instances granting outgoing PM Narendra Modi and colleague Amit Shah free pass under special protective group (SPG) that should be no longer effective considering the voting underway.

Accordingly, misuse of power appears to be the norm for caretaker PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah hiding behind VIP status in defiance of election rules and procedure. 

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Odisha election observer suspended by EC for checking vehicle in PM Modi’s convoy

A Karnataka-cadre Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer has been suspended for checking a vehicle in the convoy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mohammed Mohsin, a 1996-batch IAS officer, was suspended on Tuesday after he checked the vehicle in Sambalpur, where the PM addressed an election rally.

As if these are not enough to cast shadow on the exiting government and leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, more controversy surface posing legitimate questions with muted response from election commission against the caretaker Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his colleague Amit Shah’s suspicious activities accelerated as the chips start falling in their flawed attempts to sway voters by adopting Machiavellian politics of end justifying the means.


Election Commission of India

“Probe Mysterious Black Box from Modi’s Helicopter”


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Politics – Constitution Governs Nation in a Democracy

April 11, 2019

Constitution Governs Nation in a Democracy

Padmini Arhant

In a democracy, governments come and go with political parties elected to power for a limited term.

The institutions set up for specific purpose such as judiciary and election commission bear the burden in delivering defined goals without compromising the relevant body reputation, credibility and importantly democratic value.

The democratic system guided and governed by constitution protecting the rights of all citizens and sovereignty exemplify the effectiveness of republic nation. 

Supreme Court as the highest judicial authority and the last bastion of justice upholding constitutional law through proper interpretation and application strengthens democratic rule. 

Yet another important constitutional body is the election commission. The election being the fundamental democratic process to appoint government directly by the people as electorate at the state and national level, the election commission autonomy to exercise power in maintaining model code of conduct binding on all contestants transcending political status and privileges of political parties across the spectrum is incontrovertible. 

Since contemporary politics exert overt authority to undermine constitution and prime institutions functionality, democracy is often threatened  in the absence of oversight. 

Accordingly, preserving the sanctity and ethical efficacy of institutions with responsibility to monitor and implement rules solidify democratic foundation.

The latest developments from the Supreme Court of India on Rafale matter and the election commission actions against political parties publicity campaign on candidates profile through television network and feature film in violation of election rules are welcome and commendable.

Furthermore, the election commission rising to the occasion in heeding citizens and opposition parties concerns over key members politicizing defense force, religion and communal references that are prohibited in the model code of conduct would confirm free and fair electoral event besides reassuring nation on timely response and efficiency.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


India – Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

April 9, 2019

India – Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Padmini Arhant

Attention : Indian electorate nationwide.

The voters in Hindi heartland, northern, northeast, eastern, western and central India in particular positioned to vote for your choice of political party and leadership, you need to arrive at an informed decision when you are trusting your destiny and future in the hands of those who may not be the most reliable and even qualified to serve you and resolve the burgeoning issues concerning you and the nation at large.

Every Indian must do all that is required to acquaint oneself about political candidates promising moon and stars while their focus remains on one and only one thing and that is personal ambition to gain or retain power.

How did Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP party Supremo Amit Shah maneuver their way to helm in politics?

Definitely not by trekking the slippery slope instead the one leaving no money trail or witnesses to their crimes abusing power against people granting them authority.

This video is about Prime Minister Narendra Modi flunking polygraph test on self and issues discussed during the rare and selective channel interview as Prime Minister responsible for soaring unemployment, demonetization, GST, farmers distress, women’s status though should have touched base on PM Narendra Modi’s spouse abandoned since marriage, national security and more.

The following video is on Godhra Violence in Gujarat in 2002 when Narendra Modi was newly elected Chief Minister of the western state in India in 2001.  Subsequent to assuming office, the terrible and tragic communal violence resulting in hundreds of innocent Muslims and Hindus loss of lives expose then Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, both representing BJP behind obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and murder of key witnesses, Senior police officer investigating the crime including the judge presiding the trial at that time.

The latest testimony and revelations on this dark episode of India’s political history and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tainted political career clearly involving then Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the incumbent seeking re-election to second term in office lasting five years along with his colleague, confidante and BJP party chief Amit Shah (no stranger to corruption and criminality) deserves unbiased fair hearing and thorough investigation delivering justice to the deceased and many victims in politics instigated bloodshed.

The election commission’s attention and intervention in this matter would confirm constitutionally established institution’s autonomy and ethical efficacy to function independently protecting electoral integrity and accountability in the world’s largest democracy.

In the current election, the electorate preparing to cast their ballot beginning April 11 until May 22nd 2019, to elect government representing them and the nation of 130 crores or 1.3 billion population, the political members’ individual profile and activities of those in power during their term in office highlighting character and performance or the lack thereof should have bearing on voters decision prior to electing them as not only their representative but also to lead the nation as honorable, credible, respectable and trustworthy leader in the national and international domain.

Unfortunately, the regimes in power routinely subvert constitution, democracy and electoral mandate to benefit them and those funding their election campaign. When candidates vying for office of Prime Minster and other crucial ministerial posts are implicated of various corruption and criminal charges not barring complicity in communal violence and murder of innocent citizens as well as derailing judicial process, then the nation has responsibility to pause and engage in bringing these entities to justice rather than elevating them with coveted title such as Prime Minister or cabinet minister, political party chieftain and so on. 

When critical information surface directly involving those running for re-election as Prime Minister or debutant for that matter, then institutions such as judiciary and election commission are subject to litmus test by the nation in conducting hearing, inquiry and application of laws exempting none above law regardless of their political background.

The election flooded with black money and cash used to buy vulnerable voters by political parties especially the ones floating on slush funds to afford extravagant political campaign, 

Is the Election Commission of India independent to investigate and intercept illegal transactions in the absence of transparency on campaign financing and funding source?

Thus far, the election commission of India and other institutions’ inactions suggest they are hamstrung by political power misusing authority despite contemporary designation as caretaker government.

Indian electorate awareness and participation raising questions in all these fronts is absolutely important to save democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


India – Election 2019 Reflecting Reality

March 29, 2019

IndiaElectorate Wisdom

Padmini Arhant

Attention Indian Electorate: 

Please stand by for the following presentation on the most critical and relevant topic.

Why re-electing candidate Narendra Modi as Prime Minister and Narendra Modi led Hindutva party will be a disaster for India? 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter Padmini Arhant




India – Election 2019 Reflecting Reality

Padmini Arhant

CM Narendra Modi Interview Goes Haywire


The videos are shared to project alternative views and reality of Indian economy and politics.

Perspective on Indian Economy

Indian Economy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP’s unfulfilled promises 

India’s Corrupt Politicians


There are many prominent political members associated with corruption scandals directly or indirectly,

however not seen in the videos are not necessarily exempt from the coveted title and exclusive corruption club.

India’s Political Dynasties


More to come on this topic.


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Politics – Paradoxical Paradigm

March 6, 2019

Politics – Paradoxical Paradigm

Padmini Arhant

I feel the importance for a relevant reminder to United States incumbent administration i.e. right from the time when Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s chance of winning the Presidential bid in 2016 experienced seismic tremor with the controversial Access Hollywood tape revealing then candidate Donald Trump’s sexist profanity against women, the race was practically over for the republican contender.

Subsequent to swearing in to the office of Presidency, the U.S.President was confronted with liberal outrage demanding the newly elected President Donald Trump ouster from the office in the movement led by Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton – the bruised democrat candidate having lost the election to the least expected rival and the left wing Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and more.

Then there was an insurgency against President Donald Trump to leave office citing mental instability for impulsive reactions on twitter handle (that is persistent until now as a signature trait) not barring the nuclear threat against North Korea with inflammatory remarks such as:

United States President Donald Trump pledging fast and fury destruction of North Korea boasting United States had a much bigger nuclear button than North Korea and so on… in the run up to then imminent nuclear confrontation with North Korea.

Fast forward to January 2019, the longest United States government shutdown costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars over border wall did not resolve among themselves for those claiming to be problem solvers on national and international disputes thus far.

Similarly, the de-escalation of India Pakistan feud is also hogged by political actors whether in the United States, India or Pakistan despite their individual belligerence displayed on numerous occasions including escalating warfare between two nuclear states rather than defusing war rhetoric and channeling focus on terror and terrorism remaining the contentious issue.

Undoubtedly, the political beneficiaries and their die hard supporters with crony conventional and social media playing prominent role in promoting bizarre propaganda on how their so-called respective leaders as President and Prime Ministers steer through the rugged terrains and sail valiantly on the rough seas on their own while conveniently and deliberately attributing my positive and productive contribution all along paradoxically to those involved in flaming the fire.

However, any efforts towards peace from anywhere is always welcome and not to be patented as a commercial commodity.

Politics never shying away from contradictory paradigm is the fact that makes political gains all the more fallacious and fraudulent.

Any engagement towards peaceful resolutions is worthy of recognition upon those demonstrating in action by resolutely and consistently committed to peace and progress of humanity at large unlike selective disposition favoring allies even when they are responsible for illegal invasion, occupation of foreign territory and gross violation of human rights viz. in Palestine, Syria, Yemen and now the resurrection of India-Pakistan long standing line of control (LOC) skirmishes along the Indian borders of Kashmir and Punjab.

There is more to it than meets the eye especially in politics.

The divine mission is witnessed not only by the world but also the Supreme entity, the all-knowing and seer of events on earth and galaxy.

Accordingly, those for whom I am an arch nemesis,  I say to them – You may keep me anonymous and illegitimately assign my identity to wannabes, opportunists and power, fame as well as fortune seekers from politics and entertainment world in particular.

Nonetheless, you and those whom you have deployed in the ill-fated task can never seize my good Karma as it is noted by the one and only Supreme force – the infallible Almighty God.

Something to remember that all actions bear consequences and none are exempt from karmic effects as Karma is and ever remain the judge, jury and executioner in living and upon inevitable departure from this world regardless of stature and background.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







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