Globalists Reject Populists

August 15, 2018

Globalists Reject Populists

Padmini Arhant

The revolutionaries and populist leaders who dared to invest their nation’s natural resources and revenue in their people’s lives were invariably assassinated and not referenced for their courage and patriotism in political remarks and reminiscence on contribution to their people. They were deemed arch nemesis and eliminated from power in the usual cowardly act through assassination.

In comparison, whoever compromised and submitted to oligarchy and international conglomerate by stepping aside and allowing them complete access to their economy such as in South Africa and alike with many among them as willful fiduciaries up until now were accordingly given Nobel peace prize and lauded for their loyalty to them.

They are hailed the legend perhaps for their legendary role as a major sellout speaking volume of their character and commitment to those whom they claimed to represent in their respective nations.

Unlike these courageous leaders who stood up to brute forces and their hate as well as prejudice declining any due respect to these leaders for their determination to serve the people who elected them to power.

President Thomas Sankara Burkina Faso President from 1983 – 1987. Populist leader and a revolutionary prioritizing investment of national resources for his nation and implementing several social causes within four years of his Presidency. President Thomas Sankara – assassinated at the age of 38 years.

Prime Minister Patrice LumumbaDemocratic Republic of the Congo – Congolese independence leader for demonstrating will towards economic growth and development of his long colonized nation. The colonialists could barely tolerate such pledge by a young patriot. Patrice Lumumba assassinated at the age of 35 years.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela – The Bolivarian Revolution to remove oligarchy and colonialists installed dictatorial regime enabled Hugo Chavez to assume power. The social and economic disparity was remarkably contained through investment of Venezuela’s natural endowments with crude oil being a significant resource that remains the bone of contention for globalists aiming to seize control since President Hugo Chavez term in office that persists up until now with his successor President Nicolas Maduro facing similar threats today.  President Nicolas Maduro escaped assassination just a week ago. 

President Hugo Chavez nationalized Venezuela’s prime assets to address economic and social problems. There was free health care provided to all citizens in Venezuela and extended to United States citizens who travelled to Venezuela given the unaffordable health care costs in the United States. President Chavez program offered housing to poor, lower and middle income groups in society. The free education from K-12 to college facilitated substantial improvement in the work force uplifting the poorer sections towards skills oriented jobs in the economy. The popularity of his actions angered those targeting Venezuela’s rich oil reserves to be privatized and made available for multinational energy behemoths’ capitalization. President Hugo Chavez was criticized and survived several assassinations attempts against him including United States organized coup d’état when he was rescued by sea of people demanding the return of power back to their President Chavez.

President Hugo Chavez died in 2013 – suspected of foul play as he claimed upon him being diagnosed with cancer. He was 58 years when he passed away.

Ukraine is another example when the democratically elected administration of President Viktor Yanukovych was violently ousted literally at gun point for forging economic ties with Russia especially on energy imports that EU – one of the key operatives behind ouster is now resolute in the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline supplying gas from Russia to Germany. 

Likewise, Thailand’s First Female Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was deposed via Judicial coup in the flawed and controversial Constitutional Court decision. The manner the head of the state i.e. the former PM Yingluck Shinawatra was ejected from her post was rather strange. The power supply to her office was cut off evicting everyone from the premise. Such activities only qualify as shoddy and goon politics.

The ex-Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s crime was offering the country’s farmers better rates on the rice production that upset the establishment and royalists in the country. She was accused of inflicting damage to extraordinary profit margins for the stakeholders in the rice industry by providing farmers higher than market rates. The allegation against her was dubbed Costly rice subsidized scheme.  The situation was further fueled by foreign sources expediting the ban on her from politics for five years. Yingluck Shinawatra’s brother, also former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra – a reformist and populist helping rural development won every national election as his sister. But then, he was forced into exile by military coup on alleged corruption charges leaving Thailand under military junta which means in shambles. 

What does that say about status quo?

The earnest leaders led governments engagement in serving the people of their respective nation always regarded endangerment to global power. They pursue anyone involving in the betterment of people and improving their lives utilizing national resources that are routinely targeted for exclusive gains and enrichment at world majority plight. The globalists henceforth strategized to install their agents and proxies to run governments under the guise of reformists to win elections and maintain business as usual. The illegitimate global authority ever remaining incognito are the enemies of the people in the entire world.

The fact of the matter is all things are set to expire without exception and that applies to systemic abuse of power and those behind the trend at the apex to the bottom.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter










Fact Check on Jewish Status

August 5, 2018

Fact Check on Jewish Status

Padmini Arhant

Jack Rosen, an American lobbyist and Chairman of the powerful American Jewish Congress. Apart from being a lobbyist, the 69-year-old CEO of Rosen Partners, Jack Rosen is a board member of Altimo – a British Virgin Island (BVI) company that is the telecom investment arm of Russia’s Alfa Group consortium. It has investment interests in Russia, Central Asia, Middle East and Bangladesh.  

A Wikipedia entry for Mr Jack Rosen says he has advocated for Jewish and Israeli causes stating. “We are living in a post-Holocaust era and the forces that provided for a safe and secure Israel are changing. We have to look at what the future holds and have to use all the skills we’ve learned in America and that are available to us to ensure security for Jews around the world”, says the internet information portal.  

The Israeli and Jewish advocacy in politics, judiciary, economy, academic institutions and entertainment industry alarmed over alleged threats to Israel and Jewish population are unfounded in the contemporary age.

The events in the twentieth century affected many different race, religion and ethnic background. The brutality of human character reflected in ethnic cleansing and colonization continues unabated until today. Accordingly, the atrocities inflicted on one race that was preexisting with others long before in the course of imperialism in different parts of the world cannot be neglected in history as there were tremendous loss of lives from horrific violence and mass subjugation. Jewish plight could be one aspect among massive crimes committed against humanity at that time.

However, in the twenty first century the claims on threat to Jews and Israel especially with Israel being a nuclear state is unsubstantiated and propagated without legitimacy on such allegations.

The reverse impact on those experiencing Israel’s overt and covert operations in many sites across the border and other locations in the Middle East as well as elsewhere is consistent and relentless with no political will to peaceful resolutions. Any peace proposals are stymied allowing Israeli ideologues to intensify human rights violations attracting global condemnation. Israeli authorities sponsoring terrorism is evidenced in the treatment of terrorists in the Syrian conflict and preparing the terror outfits to reposition in the war against Syrian people.

Jewish dominance in every sector beginning with politics in the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Latin America and worldwide cannot be underestimated as a result of  Jewish lobby. 

The technology viz. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia to name a few have clear access to private details of public proven in the recent Facebook scandal harvesting and monetization of consumer data using these platforms. There are tech giants in disguise whose profile leads to Jewish origin.

Besides, the pervasive position in the economy, the stock market and finance in particular evident in the private entityThe Federal Reserve designed and executed monetary policy of the United States of America. The treasury activities of the United States routinely target selective adversaries for sanctions to maintain status quo.

The private organization Federal Reserve poised as the United States Federal Monetary authority appointed Chairperson (male and female) thus far are invariably of Jewish descent.

The academic institutions like Ivy league in the United States and other private educational establishments pledge allegiance to Jewish cause.

Judiciary is yet another branch with majority Jewish representation.

The think tanks, political foundations, communication media, press such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times attend secret society meeting and sworn to secrecy on decisions at this undemocratic conclave.

In terms of intelligence apparatus, Israeli Mossad, US CIA, Britain’s MI5 and MI6 are regarded one in safeguarding Israeli interests globally by any means and mechanisms.

In politics, United States Presidential hopefuls from both left and right addressing the Annual AIPAC summit is the tradition. That goes for Congress members unflinching support to Israeli lobby on all issues whether right or wrong.

The interesting factor is the political contestants’ success is linked with Jewish lineage that guarantees mileage to cross the finish line.

For example, in 2008 the democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama asserted Jewish family relations making them the desirable choice to the Jewish kingmakers in the political race.

Seeing this political edge, Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama suddenly remembered about her long-lost uncle being not only a Jew, a Rabbi to top the status.

Furthermore, the republican candidate in 2008, John McCain wooed the Jewish lobby with the slogan – Bomb, Bomb Iran. Noting that the so-called democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama emphasized their stance in their individual style.

Hillary Clinton proclaimed – She would Obliterate Iran with nuclear weapons while Barack Obama opted the standard call for the lack of self-expression, chiming All options are on the table meaning not barring nuclear weapons.

In 2016 – the political rhetoric continued with the democratic contender Hillary Clinton reiterating her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s in-laws being Jewish.

Could the republican candidate Donald Trump then simply let go in his competitor’s favor?

Definitely not.

The Presidential candidate Donald Trump proudly mentioned in political rallies on his daughter Ivanka  (an apostate) having converted to Judaism had given birth to a third Jewish baby.

Now, Ivanka Kushner dubbed Ivanka Trump despite the connotation of her being the mother of three is the regular feature on networks and cyber political sites.

Similarly, in Pakistan the embattled Prime Minister candidate, PTI chief Imran Khan always been the favorite to London based shadow power and more so given Imran Khan’s previous marriage to Jewish billionaire’s daughter Jemima Goldsmith, the first to tweet the congratulatory message on her son’s father’s prospects of becoming Pakistan’s Wazir-e-Azam – the Prime Minister.

Last but not the least, the entertainment industry diversity eclipse due to Hollywood and television medium overshadowed by Jewish ascendancy is common knowledge. The same extended into Mumbai film industry referred to as Bollywood with Jewish owned entertainment firms financing big budget films inducing controversy and internal agitation attributed to movie themes.

The information unequivocally describes the Jewish Israeli stronghold and predominance in every possible field and this is no stretch of imagination. 

The factual presentations to this effect are immediately refuted as antisemitism which in itself is incorrect for semites are the Arab tribes in North Africa and Palestine.

Israel and Jews predisposition to insecurity regardless is misplaced in light of overwhelming clout retained in world affairs and events. Humans and for that matter other species included continue to be subject to abuse, prejudice, isolation, denial of freedom, civil rights, and extreme violence. Palestine serves as the example in this context, with no hope for Palestinian statehood. Instead Israeli forces and authority authorized rapid deterioration of conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory is the norm much to global criticism.  Israel’s perennial investment in combat and territorial annexations witnessed in the settlement activities in West Bank and East Jerusalem, notwithstanding unilateral economic blockade against the people in Gaza lasting a decade are provocative to say the least.

Moreover, United States ordinary tax payers since the wealthy are exempt from fair share of taxes remain the benefactor to the state of Israel with unconditional permanent financial aid even during US severe economic recession alongside military provisions. United States participation in Israel’s chosen warfare in Syria, Yemen, skirmishes in Lebanon, confrontations with Iran, proxy in Egypt, bifurcation of Sudan and political instability wherever possible never had anything to do with US citizens or national security.

Israel and Jewish organizations reconciliation with reality in acknowledgment of peace and liberty for all exemplified in ending occupation in Palestine and territories seized in 1967 six-day warfare could not be rejected any more. The acceptance is imperative for a new chapter in the Middle East facilitating trust, respect and cordial relations with neighbors in the region and world over.

Sowing the seeds of peace and harmony would deliver positive outcome benefitting all in the region and outside. Unlike hostility and acrimony leaving those behind the strategy in eternal trepidation.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter                      





The deal making in the rise and fall of dictators

August 4, 2018

The deal making in the rise and fall of dictators

Padmini Arhant

The news buzz on deal making between odd couples as one might think turn out to be among not strange but familiar bed fellows exchanging thoughts on reining control i.e. clinging to power.

Though hardly surprising considering the trend in the rise and fall of dictators created and fostered by shadow operatives’ obsession with dominance.

The video in circulation on Pakistan’s former President General Pervez Musharraf negotiation for power arousing interests in public domain.

As per the news article;

The footage with Musharraf listening to a question by a member of the gathering. The questioner asked the former Pakistani president and military dictator, “what do we have to change so that our money is used in a positive way to protect Americans from terrorism, from radical Islam [and] from Al-Qaeda. What’s gonna do that for us.”  

Musharraf in his prompt and to the point reply said: “All I’m saying is, I have certain credentials from the past. I need to come [to power] again and I need to be supported not overtly but in a covert manner so that we win again.”

The news articles related to this story also cites the organizers of this secret meeting.

Jack Rosen, an American lobbyist and Chairman of the powerful American Jewish Congress, purportedly organized the gathering. The clip shows that Dr. Nasim Ashraf, the former chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board and head of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) also accompanied the former president.  

A Wikipedia entry for Mr Rosen says he has advocated for Jewish and Israeli causes stating. “We are living in a post-Holocaust era and the forces that provided for a safe and secure Israel are changing. We have to look at what the future holds and have to use all the skills we’ve learned in America and that are available to us to ensure security for Jews around the world”, says the internet information portal.  

Apart from being a lobbyist, the 69-year-old CEO of Rosen Partners, Jack Rosen is a board member of Altimo – a British Virgin Island (BVI) company that is the telecom investment arm of Russia’s Alfa Group consortium. It has investment interests in Russia, Central Asia, Middle East and Bangladesh.  

JackRosen, who, in his article in Jerusalem Post, believed “A Pakistan without Musharraf could be a much more dangerous place.”  

The stated article ended there.


Pakistan’s General and former President Pervez Musharraf striking deals to reappear on the throne as Wazir-e-Azam (Head of the State) of Pakistan is common practice among those seeking the glamor of power. In reference to the secret meeting, one cannot imagine open rendezvous involving matter of this nature.

The current political situation in Pakistan following controversial general election in 2018 has the recommendation of members like General Pervez Musharraf behind foreign sources touted PTI Chairman, Imran Khan. General Pervez Musharraf has made the rounds on Pakistan, Indian and US media extending support to PTI chief Imran Khan.

As for the Jewish lobby – the powerful American Jewish Congress has been cited earlier in the involvement of local uprising in Iran, Israel’s primary rival in the Middle East.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Pakistan – Struggles and Strategies

July 28, 2018

Pakistan – Struggles and Strategies

Padmini Arhant

Pakistan – The Islamist nation in the Indian sub-continent having sought independence on August 14th, 1947, the day before the parent, India on August 15th, 1947 as a result of colonial power devised partition with a parting gift Kashmir remaining the contentious issue for the progeny Pakistan.

Pakistan is yet to establish democracy as the free civilian authority serving the electorate mandate rather than the diktat of sources within and offshore.

Though independence and real freedom in a democracy and other political systems is far from reality due to shadow global government reining control over political events, economy and social evolution via proxies in governance and institutions, the experience of democracy is relative worldwide.

The official decree Indian Independence Act 1947 passed by British Parliament on July 5th, 1947 upon the colonial departure in 1947 referring to India and Pakistan as Dominions confining the autonomy to ninety nine years of which seventy one years gone by meaning the act nearing expiry in twenty eight years explains the imperialist motives to retain dominance.

In this respect, when reminded on this site with elaborate details on the Dominion reference in the Indian Independence Act 1947 and future implications from such inference,

Unlike Indian government and Parliament, Pakistan national assembly overwhelmingly acted passing legislation in 2010 essentially removing the term Dominion in the Statute of Independence declaration clarifying the independent status for Pakistan from 1947 onwards.

Dominion alludes to British Commonwealth that is maintained until today with British Monarchy and heir presiding over Commonwealth governments meeting in the so-called independence era.

As for Pakistan in the past seventy one years and up until now, the state has been subjugated by national forces viz. the Pakistan Army and the Intelligence Services Agency (ISI) asserting authority over legislative, administration and judiciary.

In fact, the military rule in Pakistan never ended even after the dismissal of former President, General Pervez Musharraf with the top brass in the army and ISI wielding power over civilian government evident in the latest developments and recent national election.

Pakistan military and ISI intervention in civilian rule is stated as necessary citing inherent corruption and incompetence of the administrations elected to power in the past three terms and earlier during the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto term in office. The former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in December 2007 during General Pervez Musharraf government in power.

Interestingly, Pakistan military and ISI in particular fail to recognize the worst legacy considering the army rule in Pakistan’s political history spanning over longer period than short lived civilian governments predominantly attributed to the former intrusion.

Going back to last Governor General and first President of Pakistan Iskander Mirza suspending the constitution much to own detriment enabling his then appointee General Ayub Khan to depose him set precedence thereafter with military successors General Yahya Khan and General Zia-ul Haq following suit in public execution of elected heads of state.

General Yahya Khan unsuccessful engagement in war with India over East Pakistan led to the liberation and formation of what is now known as Bangladesh.

Subsequently, General Pervez Musharraf daring nuclear India for potential nuclear confrontation in 1999 in Kargil war delivered outcome in favor of India.

Domestically, General Pervez Musharraf adopting army predecessors’ hard line policy, imposed emergency rule and massive crackdown on public institutions including the Supreme Court of Pakistan that ultimately forced him into exile until today.

The western backed General Pervez Musharraf was paid billions of dollars per then United States administrations account and U.S. State department expressing disappointment with Musharraf government failure to curb terror networks like Haqqani and radicalism in Saudi Arabia funded madrassas becoming recruits for al Qaeda.

On General Pervez Musharraf watch, Pakistani youth representing majority of population in the country were regularly abducted from urban and rural areas to undisclosed foreign locations under U.S. administration authorized renditions exercising unlawful extra judicial power.

The trajectory clearly demonstrates Pakistan army rulers’ priority and agenda for military confrontations with India and grossly neglected Pakistan population dire needs exacerbating people suffering and endangering lives not only in Pakistan but also in the entire South Asia.

The quest for power driving aspirants to attain by any means is the common trend not just in Pakistan but world over perhaps with distinctions in mechanisms and individual traits.

Pakistan’s ISI involvement in fomenting terror, aiding and abetting terror plots within the country especially sensitive territories like Sindh and Baluchistan as lately in Quetta with a bomb blast killing more than thirty civilians near the poll station are by no means few and far between incidents.

The violence in every part of the country with bomb blasts and terrorism wreaking havoc constantly witnessed by the world.

As for cross border terrorism with India, the terror infiltration has been the routine affair initiating Kargil war in 1999 and consequentially prompting troops deployment on either sides of the border in return making lives in Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir nearly impossible.

The terror activities across the border are experienced by other neighbors of Pakistan as well viz. Afghanistan and Iran having brought the matter to Pakistan’s army and intelligence authorities attention urging them to address the security threats to neighbors in the region.

In terms of protecting Pakistani citizens and defense personnel, the NATO air strike on Pakistan check post stationed as NATO allies in 2011 killing 24 Pakistani soldiers with no apology from the U.S. administration of then President Barack Obama or NATO command further defined the vulnerability to western inflicted catastrophe that continues unabated in Afghanistan and along the border with Pakistan.

Pakistan ISI knowledge in weapons supply to terror outfits like Lashkare e Taiba (LeT) and Jaish e Mohammad, the chief architects and operatives of terror attacks in India and similarly Taliban in Swat Valley are neither acknowledged nor denied leading to complicity in the terror outfits endeavors.

Last but not the least, the underworld criminal elements viz. Dawood Ibrahim facing extradition charges has found safe haven and settled in Pakistan’s metropolis and commercial capital Karachi frequenting to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE in the Middle East and continuing the organized criminal operation in Mumbai, India from Pakistan.

In light of such track record,

Could Pakistan army and intelligence agency ISI blame the civilian governments in Pakistan solely responsible for lack of economic and social development?

The corruption investigation against political families are not disputed, however the policy targeting only some and not applied across the spectrum including the army, intelligence and others in society evading taxes, taking bribes, hoarding money overseas and money laundering makes the process selective raising credibility factor.

Meanwhile, Pakistan public hope for civil governance and elections devoid of army and ISI meddling seen in the latest polls appears to be a fantasy unless introspection amongst those contributing to impediments in Pakistan’s trail for political stability and economic growth that are desperately required reverse actions and refrain from counterproductive measures.

The corruption scandals among political class ejecting governments having become the norm, the pursuit to drain the swamp has to be impartial and consistent in the application of law on all barring preferences and exemptions based on political, economic, social or religious background.

Meanwhile, the new government ushered in with army and ISI paving the way for victory is burdened with the balancing act of accountable governance and civilian administration functioning independently away from the shadow of the forces in national and foreign domain.

Pakistan cannot afford wars with India or any other nation in the region. The escalation of tension between India and Pakistan only promotes adversarial relations that benefits none. Instead, Pakistan investing resources in purging terror and terror affiliates within the country besides intelligence sharing with India and other neighbors on any possible terror assault in their soil would improve situation and restore trust, the main aspect for normal ties with nations near and far.

Importantly, the terror masterminds and agents behind terrorism in Pakistan, India and anywhere residing in Pakistan brought to justice would indeed highlight the commitment towards the slogan Naya (New) Pakistan.

The military and intelligence renewal of contacts and cordial approach with counterparts in India would enhance understanding assuming better positions that could guarantee peace and harmony anticipated among population on both sides affected in the status quo.

The topic on Pakistan will resume with the focus on economy, social status, human rights and environment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





Pakistan – BBC Projection on General Election

July 27, 2018

Pakistan – BBC Projection on General Election

Padmini Arhant

BBC – The public funded network with British Monarchy as the trustee and representing the Shadow Global Government is the dichotomy profile. Furthermore, BBC demonstration in this respect is evident in broadcasting global events not just Pakistan’s General Election. The network videos are presented below. In the first video, the host is demanding evidence from the guest on Pakistan Intelligence Services (ISI) meddling and in the next video  BBC in local Indian language (Hindi) precisely confirming the guest’s claim on the latest national election.

Isn’t it better for those questioning others to make sure they qualify to do so by exemplifying in action?



Pakistan General Election – BBC News Hindi 

Pakistan General Election and latest developments will be discussed on this site following full and final electoral outcome. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

International Criminal Syndicate – The Shadow Government Illusive Endeavors 

July 16, 2018

U.S. Political Establishment Hypocrisy

International Criminal Syndicate – The Shadow Government Illusive Endeavors 

Padmini Arhant

CNN Politics – Remember that the intelligence community — unanimously! — has concluded that Russia actively interfered in the 2016 election to help Trump and hurt Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Q. What is the international criminal syndicate trying to achieve other than hopelessly relying on deception and deceit to mislead the world? 

The international criminal syndicate viz. the dark forces represented shadow government run intelligence community has proved time and time again complicity in abandoning public safety demonstrated on 9/11 and lately the 2016 U.S.election farce. 

The cabal collusion is futile regardless of agenda changing actors to suit pseudo projections much to self-embarrassment and inevitable detriment. 

What the syndicate should be mindful of is all things tangent and inanimate are set to expire as they are not immortal or eternal and cannot prolong for ever.

The mortals challenging the supernatural force beyond comprehension is nothing more than dissolution in the clouds with the illusion of invading cosmic dynamics without any idea of space time and cosmic activity. 

In relevance to political events concerning two major potent and deadly nuclear powers Russia and United States sharing legacy on illegal invasion and occupation of nations and territories also synonymous in lacking credibility and legitimacy when crying foul at each other’s intrusion. 

While United States has squandered ordinary taxpayers hard earned tax dollars in the Russia probe, it is important to remind those behind the witch hunt that United States along with allies such as EU and others in the Middle East have interfered and subverted elections and electoral process in many parts of the world up until now.

The democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton has expertise in this regard as the former Secretary of State in running the State Department as an autonomous center evident in setting up private server channeling classified information for personal abuse. 

Hillary Clinton has spied on U.N. officials, world governments as well as anyone targeted as personal nemesis and conducted many undemocratic and unlawful espionage actions throughout political career.

The prominent among them are sponsoring terrorism in Syria and Libya together with ex- President Barack Obama resulting in the assassinations of former US ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens and CIA personnel in the infamous Benghazi gate.

Notwithstanding Hillary Clinton’s exclamationWe Came, We Saw and He Died – upon public lynching of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi organized by United States NATO ally France on October 20th, 2011. 

The earlier administration under former President Barack Obama and the former Secretary of Stare Hillary Clinton meddled and upended elections in Afghanistan, Thailand, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Egypt to name a few and last but not the least together with EU removed at gun point the democratically elected government of Ukraine under President Viktor Yanukovych on February 18th. 2014 sinking Ukraine into turmoil and creating the situation for Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine. 

Apparently none of these invasive and criminal indulgence by US predecessor administrations matter in international affairs. The political authorities in the White House and State Department along with Washington DC based institutions responsible for toppling governments and launching coup d’é·tat around the world never even considered messing with other nations internal politics and undermining their sovereignty. 

EU hypocrisy – the parallel government in Europe subjugating member states sovereign status with diktat on several issues ranging from politics to economy and immigration have consistently been self-contradictory. 

For example – Ukraine’s democratically elected government under former President Viktor Yanukovych forging economic ties with close neighbor Russia on energy and other essential products were determined unacceptable by EU prompting EU and then Hillary Clinton headed US State Department members like Victoria Nuland direct involvement in the militant expulsion of the entire Yanukovych cabinet at gun point could not be intended democratic.

Not to mention other enthusiasts from the right in US politics such as the now ailing Arizona Senator John McCain then rallying the anti- government protesters in Ukrainian Capital Kiev in December 2013 with the rhetoricWe are here to support your just cause.

EU objection to then democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych seeking bilateral economic relations with Russia juxtaposed the same EU with dominant members like Germany, Belgium and others defiance to the current administration in the United States calling them out on energy dependence on Russia Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline clarifies the situation;

What is good for the goose not good for the gander! 

EU lifting arms embargo rather than extending the ban in Syrian conflict onset enabled terror networks infiltration leading to scores of civilian deaths and inviting refugee crisis on EU shores only to be treated as unwanted humanitarian problem. 

EU and United States overt engagement in Ukraine led to Russian annexation of Crimea albeit expansionism on Russia’s part reviving traditional goals in reconfiguration of geopolitical landscape facilitated by the sources denouncing the event. 

The international criminal syndicate posing to decry nazism promoting the Neo Nazi government in Ukraine subsequent to the overthrow of democratically elected government in Ukraine in 2012, the state bleeding profusely until today is pretty much the pattern established in the rest of the world by them. Additionally, referencing Hitler in the ridicule of anyone they despise and oppose at present reflect their fascination to that era and entity besides consciously memorializing Hitlerism in own behavior.

With such incorrigible track record, the shadow global government as the international criminal syndicate survival is a forlorn hope.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

North Korea and United States Historic Summit

June 11, 2018

North Korea and United States Historic Summit

Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon-Jae-in on the historic summit and a peaceful beginning that has been long overdue.

North Korea having taken the necessary step in demolition of the nuclear site and subsequent peace developments between North and South Korean leaderships paved the way for the summit in Singapore. President Donald Trump has taken the courageous and pragmatic approach that has been avoided by earlier administrations and gone further in recognizing the real problem i.e. United States military exercises and 32,000 troops deployment which is indeed provocative.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is demonstrating willingness and commitment on denuclearization together with earlier gesture in releasing three American hostages held on espionage. These steps are significant and accordingly merits removing economic sanctions against the people in North Korea allowing the economic opportunities that would not only benefit North and South Korea along with the entire Asian region but also provide trade prospects between United States and North Korea.

The initial measure is the cornerstone for success of the historic summit.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

North Korea and United States Peace Summit

Padmini Arhant

The first meeting between the leaderships in North Korea and United States is in progress in Singapore. The engagement in direct dialogue at high levels is the beginning for any positive outcome in relations that has been challenged over decades with unnecessary tensions and confrontational interactions causing anxiety and grave concerns regarding the situation in Korean Peninsula.

North Korea’s initiative for a personal meeting with United States administration that had been requested over a long time is now taking place in Singapore.  United States response to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a welcoming gesture that could lead to a possible breakthrough in relations undermined with aggressions and economic sanctions until now. The population in Korea having endured tremendous suffering especially the people in North Korea due to sanctions and military activities in the territory deserve peaceful resolution ending the long standing disagreements and transforming the armistice to irreversible peace accord.

The world’s attention is on the ongoing talks that could not be expected to settle all issues in the initial communication. Peace requires patience, perseverance and sincere commitment from all sides that would mean pursuing continuous peaceful involvement.

I look forward to the momentum in maintaining mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity besides equal understanding from all sides that is fundamental to any peaceful agreement. 

I convey my best wishes to the citizens in North and South Korea as well as others in the region for permanent peace and harmony that would guarantee economic progress and development benefitting all. 

P.S. I don’t play basketball though I have nothing against the sport. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Korean Peace Efforts

May 26, 2018

Korean Peace Efforts

Padmini Arhant

The latest developments on Korean affairs with North Korea demolition of Punggye-ri nuclear test site reportedly in the presence of international journalists with subsequent graphics from various news outlets confirming North Korea’s destruction of the sites clarify DPRK’s pledge to maintain nuclear non-proliferation. Additionally, the meeting held today between DPRK leader Kim Jong Un and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in following Panmunjom Declaration with both nations agreement to end wars and hostilities besides fostering momentum on peace efforts is a welcoming change.

Furthermore, North Korea willingness to hold direct talks with United States per scheduled meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and United States President Donald Trump on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore is yet another positive sign despite United States wavering positions from on to off and on stance. The much anticipated North Korea and United States high level meeting could be the precursor in ending tensions in Korean Peninsula.

Meanwhile, North and South Korea involvement in reconciling differences by diplomatic means thus far is very encouraging and obviously expected by citizens from both sides as any fall out in relations and setbacks in peace talks have direct impact on the people in Korea. The continuous pursuits and engagement by leaderships and members at various levels in North and South Korea is critical to achieve the common goal on permanent peace that would guarantee progress, growth and prosperity.

North Korea and United States delegation and diplomatic sources preparation for forthcoming summit on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore would lead to successful arrangement without any skepticism on eventuality of the meeting.

Congratulations! To the people and leaderships as well as officials in North and South Korea in demonstrating eagerness and positive overtures in peace making deal.

I convey my best wishes to all sides in providing peace an opportunity and prevail in crisis resolution in Korean Peninsula.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






U.S. Cancellation of Korean Peace Summit

May 24, 2018

U.S. Cancellation of Korean Peace Summit

Padmini Arhant

President Donald Trump cancelling the peace summit between United States and North Korea scheduled on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore demonstrates lack of self confidence in peace making as stated previously on this site, a process much harder than going to war. 

United States demands and expectations prior to direct dialogue was premature and indicative of U.S. intent to gain everything in return for nothing. United States presence in Korean Peninsula accompanied by continuous threats until this moment remains the cause for North Korea’s nuclear status.

The U.S. policy makers and strategists behind stymieing the peace meeting are required to realize that aggression, belligerence and unreasonable terms and conditions never constitute greatness or supremacy.

United States exempting self from any compliance on international law in respecting other nations sovereignty and territorial integrity seriously impairs credibility and trustworthiness, the core elements in any negotiations.

United States foreign policy is well known and not appreciated by overwhelming majority in the world. The military bases worldwide including the Korean Peninsula depriving global population peaceful normal existence is the predominant factor in nuclear proliferation with United States and allies being the originators and proliferators of such concept and trend.

The aggressor cannot expect the target to simply submit to extraordinary positions particularly with U.S. legacy on defaults in meeting the obligations witnessed time and time again. On North Korean issue U.S. demilitarization and lifting illegal sanctions are necessary considering the illegitimate grounds for such actions.

No nation can be dictated by another especially when the latter is positioned as provocateurs and deny that nation’s citizens self-defense and deterrence to military maneuvers including nuclear capabilities in their territory. 

Reiterating the fact, nuclear disarmament is no longer an option but a mandatory requirement on all without exception. United States and all other major nuclear powers along with the rest have to begin denuclearization. The measure is incumbent upon United States to lead the world starting with self disarmament so others could follow suit simultaneously across the spectrum. 

As for the critics claim on North Korea’s gesture in shutting down nuclear site as the site rendered unusable and damages to local environment fail to recognize the key factor that ceasing nuclear testing is the roadmap to nuclear non-proliferation and denuclearization. Something the major nuclear states and others in the nuclear club have not committed to with their relentless overland and subterranean nuclear testing carried out in either own or others backyard contrasting the rules imposed on North Korea, Iran and anyone deemed adversary. 

North Korea has come a long way in releasing the U.S. espionage agents to which there has been no reciprocation from the United States that should have been delivered in removing the sanctions. North Korea has closed the nuclear site and United States reaction is cancellation of peace summit.

Clearly among the sides refusing to even meet half way let alone making any concessions is the United States.  The current U.S. administration cowering to pressure from specific sources entirely for vested interests confirms the status quo. 

The forces in control of U.S.foreign policy with no desire for peace and preference for profitability from warfare care less about loss of innocent lives and destruction resulting in such pursuits. 

The wars in Afghanistan, Syria,  Iraq, Libya and Yemen to name a few apparently not enough to convince the anti-peace factions to strive for peaceful and constructive means such as the high level peace meeting to resolve Korean crisis. 

United States has unique opportunity to change the image from provocation and military intervention to promoting peace and positive development. 

Peace making requires courage and commitment that is possible upon the participants assuming the leadership role unlike the standard decisions clarifying the status as political and submissive to influential directives against historic achievement.

United States moving forward with North Korea to hold the peace summit per earlier schedule on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore is imperative to prove U.S. genuine will to end stalemate in Korean affair.

Hopefully rationality and peaceful overture would prevail in concluding skirmishes and tensions in Korean Peninsula.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


Korean Peace Summit

May 22, 2018

  1. Korean Peace Summit

Padmini Arhant

Peace and Success are hard to achieve without hard work, perseverance and commitment.

War is easy with just a handful’s drumroll and pandemonium creating the environment of fear, skepticism and failures that are inevitable upon anyone pursuing the course with the intent to undermine positive outcome.

Peace process on Korean affair requires preparedness to listen, understand and accommodate each others genuine concerns and reasonable requests for a fair exchange. Anytime the side exerting military and economic pressure on the other side through provocative drills and excruciating sanctions place preemptive demands in the absence of any concessions on their part, such negotiations are not going to succeed considering the imbalance and excessive expectations for political and strategic gains. 

United States has a tough role in building trust given recent and past defaults on peace accord and promises that are never kept or slighted to appease certain influential forces agenda. As a result, trusting United States with a legacy violating US end of the bargain is challenging for all involved to make peace. 

That doesn’t mean Untied States is not capable to resolve crisis. As a matter of fact barring political speculations and expediency as well as vested interests that often dominate high level meetings and discourse, the focus on common goals benefiting all sides would be the gateway to peace deal. 

At this point in time, transformation of existing Korean armistice to irrevocable peace treaty is paramount. The simultaneous termination of North Korean nuclear testing and United States military exercise are critical to enforce the peace accord. One cannot insist the other side quit engagement without another ceasing the activity as they are interlinked with North Korea reacting to United States and South Korea’s military rehearsal at DPRK’s border. Again without a shadow of doubt, United States military training over decades deploying latest military hardware, technology and nuclear capabilities including over 30,000 troops in Korean Peninsula are legitimate reasons behind security threat to DPRK that prompted North Korea ‘s nuclear status.

The situation has to change in a transparent manner with US demilitarization and North Korea abandoning nuclear testing allowing both North and South Korea to normalize relations in a peaceful approach using diplomacy and constructive dialogue at all levels of interaction. 

The other factor worth remembering is the U.S. and North Korea peace summit has great potential for economic partnerships between the two nations that is otherwise wasted in indefinite stalemate.

There are two main options in the United States, South and North Korea present state.

One is to retain status quo which means escalation of tension and  regional instability contributing to global volatility that should be prevented via rapprochement. 

The other being demonstrating leadership and courage in ending hostility and begin a new chapter in peaceful settlement of all issues with honesty and integrity. In doing so, the population on both sides of Korea as well as the people in Asia Pacific would have the opportunity to coexist peacefully and experience economic growth and development especially in North Korea that has been denied due to hegemonic ambitions until now.

War offers deaths, destruction and mutual annihilation whereas progress and prosperity accompanies peace.

Making peace is the practical and prudent measure that guarantees better prospects now and in the future. Notwithstanding regional and global peace and security. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 



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